Bread Halwa Recipe

You can make Bread Halwa with dry bread or with bread crumbs. You can also break the break into small pieces and fry it in oil. Crush these pieces and make bread Halwa from it. I feel comfortable by roasting the bread in a pan and then making halwa from it in the same pan. So lets start making Bread Halwa today,

Ingredients for Bread Halwa

  • Bread slices - 10
  • Milk - 600 gms. (3 cup)
  • Ghee - 3-4 table spoon.
  • Sugar - 80-100 gms. (1/2 cup)
  • Cashews - 10-12 (chopped)
  • Almonds - 4-5 (chopped)
  • Cardamom - 3-4 (peel and grind)

Method - How to make Bread Halwa

You can use any quality of bred to make Halwa. Take maida or wheat bread any of the quality that you like. You can also use multigrain bread. Every quality has its own unique taste.

Break the bread into small pieces. Take a pan and heat 1 table spoon ghee into it. Put the bread pieces into the ghee and roast it on medium flame.

Once the bread gets roasted, put milk and sugar to it. Stir the halwa continuously and press the bread pieces with the ladle to break them into tiny pieces. Pour 1 table spoon ghee into the pan and cook the halwa. Save some cashews and put the rest into the pan along with almonds and cardamom. Mix the ingredients well with the halwa.

Bread Halwa is readyl. Take it out in a serving dish and garnish with cashews and ghee. Serve it hot to your family members.

Indian Halwa Recipes

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  1. 26 August, 2018 03:18:15 AM swathi

    What type of milk should be used?Boiled milk or plain?