Fluffy Rice and Veggies Cheela | Rice and Veggies Pancake | Rice Cheela

Make fluffy rice pancakes with lots of veggies and serve them with coconut-peanut chutney

Garadu Chat & Garadu Chaat Masala Recipe

Garadu Chaat is a winter-special recipe famous in Indore city as a super delicious street specialty....

Green Peas Patties Recipe | Baatla Patties

Fresh green peas and grated paneer stuffed inside the potato covering makes delicious green peas pat...

Noodle Momos Recipe | Veg Momos Recipe

If you have already tried them, then try your hands-on noodle momos too.

Green Moong Dal Pakoda Recipe

Let's prepare moong dal aloo-gobi pakoda for a special winter mood.

Crushed Peanut Chikki Recipe

Crushed peanut chikkis are as delicious and enjoyable as whole peanuts chikkis.

Spicy Masala Pav Recipe | Masala Pav Recipe

Masala Pav is a famous Mumbai street food. Pavs toasted in butter and layered with buttery vegetable...

Kormola Recipe | Goan Christmas Sweets

Kormola is a flower-like sweet prepared with refined flour and flavored with cardamom.

Oats Idli and Coconut-Chickpea Chutney Recipe

Nothing can beat a deliciously healthy Instant Idli breakfast. Prepare oats idli for breakfast and e...

Green Moong Laddu With Jaggery | Hari Moong Laddu Recipe

Moong dal ladoos are especially beneficial during the winter season. Make sure to prepare enough for...

Peanut & Besan Cheela Recipe | Moongfali Cheela Breakfast Recipe

Among variants of cheelas, we have brought you a combination of health and deliciousness, you can ca...

Almond Chikki Recipe | Almond Brittle Recipe

Almond Chikki is a variant of traditional groundnut chikki. You can enjoy it as a tea time snack or ...

Paneer khurma Recipe | Belgrami Recipe

Paneer Khurma is a paneer based sweets recipe from Bihar. This sweet is also known as Belgrami.