Sev Barfi Recipe | Sindhi Sev ki Mithai

It is a mixture of sev and sweetness which melts in the mouth instantly 

Ingredients for Sev Barfi

  • Chickpea Flour - 2 cups (200 gms)
  • Roasted Mawa - 1 cup (225 gms)
  • Sugar - 1 cup (200 gms)
  • Full Cream Milk - 500 ml
  • Ghee - ¼ cup
  • Yellow Food Colour - 1 pinch
  • Almonds - ¼ cup
  • Pistachios - 1 tbsp
  • Green Cardamoms - 7
  • Oil - for frying

How to make Sev Barfi 

Take 2 cups of chickpea flour in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of clarified butter to it. Prepare a soft dough by adding some water. Knead the dough enough to ensure that there are no lumps in it.

Set the dough aside for 10 to 15 minutes. In the meantime, chop dry fruits for the barfi. Chop a 1/4th cup of almonds and 1 tablespoon of pistachios finely. Take 7 green cardamoms, peel them and grind them till they are coarsely ground. The dough has rested for 10 minutes.

Preheat the oil to prepare Sev. Take a sev maker and attach the plate with fine holes in it. Press the machine and spread the Sev around the edges of the wok for frying. Turn the Sev when foam reduces and fry them until they are light brown in colour.

Sev has been fried. Now, preheat a pan to prepare the barfi.  Add sugar in the pan along with ½ cup of water. We have added ½ cup of water for 1 cup of sugar and will cook it until the sugar dissolves in the water.

The sugar has now completely dissolved in water. Add milk and ½ cup of roasted mawa in it. Add 1 pinch of yellow coloured food powder and mix it well. Cook the mixture until it boils. Then crush the Sev to add it in the boiling mixture of milk and mawa.


Cook the mixture while stirring continuously on high flame until it has the desired consistency. Add more milk if needed and cook until it becomes thick again. Add 2 tablespoons of clarified butter, cardamom powder and mix them well with it. The mixture for barfi has become thick.

Set it aside to cool. Take a plate and place butter paper on it. Spread some clarified butter on it for smoothness. Add crumbled mawa on the mixture after it has cooled. The mixture is ready. We will now set it.

Spread the mixture evenly on the tray. Garnish it with chopped dry fruits and press them to insert in it. Leave the barfi to set and then cut it. Cut the pieces of your desired size and separate them by heating the tray from the bottom. You can store it in the refrigerator and consume it within a week.


You may add threads of saffron instead of food powder or skip both. 

Sev Barfi Recipe | सेव की बर्फी रेसीपी । Sindhi Sev ki Mithai



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