Sindhi Cuisine, Meethi Lolo - Sindhi Kiki

Today we are going to make a special Sindhi recipe, Sweet Koki.  It is very easy to make and they ar...

Meethi Koki Recipe | Sindhi Cuisine Special

Meethi koki is a fabulous sweet flatbread prepared with whole wheat flour and sugar syrup.

Sev Barfi Recipe | Sindhi Sev ki Mithai

It is a mixture of sev and sweetness which melts in the mouth instantly 

Sai Bhaji Recipe - Sindhi Sai Bhaji Vegetarian Recipe

Sai bhaji prepared with spinach, green cholai leaves, fresh vegetables and soaked dal can be served ...

Sindhi Koki Recipe

Sindhi koki roti is prepared with again roasting raw roti made of wheat flour and spices and is usua...