Nankhatai in pressure cooker । Nan Khatai on Gas

It is very easy to make Nankhatai in cooker, it tastes as delicious as that made in the oven. 

Sattu Sharbat Recipe | Meetha Sattu & Sattu Namkeen Sharbat

Sweet and Salty Sattu Drink to refresh you this summer. Make it in the desired flavor. 

Punjabi Sabut Moth Dal । Matki - Mat Beans Recipe

Moth ki Dal, also known as Rajasthani Matke ki daal for a unique taste. 

Ginger Candy Recipe | Candied Ginger Recipe

Filled with goodness of both taste and health, here is Ginger Candy Recipe. 

Punjabi Lassi Recipe | Amritsari Lassi n More

Summer is the time to satisfy all your sweet and chill cravings. Then comes to rescue, your ever fav...

Amchoor Powder Recipe । Homemade Amchoor Powder Recipe

Make Dry mango powder easily at home and use it in various recipes. 

Dalia Upma । Broken Wheat upma | Cracked wheat Upma

Loaded with the goodness  of veggies this Daliya Upma recipe is very beneficial for your health. 

Lauki Paratha Recipe | Doodhi Paratha | Ghiya paratha

Wheat flour with grated bottle gourd made into a paratha, give you a unique crispy taste to drool ov...

Litti Chokha Recipe । Sattu stuffed Batti Chokha Recipe on Gas Stove

Crusty Litti and Yummy Chokha  a recipe to be relished anytime in lunch or in dinner. You will reall...

Thandai recipe । Traditional Thandai | Sardai Recipe

With the onset os Summer season, getting a glass full of thandai is a bliss to both the body and the...

Petha | Ash Gourd | Kumahara

Kumhada is known as petha and also as kushmand. In english it is known as ash gourd. It is a type of...

Rakhiya Vadi । Urad dal Kumhra badi

Prepared from white Urad dal and white petha can be stored for a long time and used for over a year....

Masala Chaas | Spiced Buttermilk | Masala Taak Recipe

Here is a recipe to improve your digestion and rejuvenate you. Try Spiced buttermilk recipe.