Mango Burfi Recipe

Summer season is the season of Mangoes. You can make Mango Burfi with fresh ripe mangoes or u can even use the preserved Mango Pulp. It doesn't really matter how you make it, your family members will definitely like it.

We are making The Mango Burfi by adding Gram Flour(Besan) to it, but you can also add Mawa, Milk powder or Condensed milk to it.

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Ingredients for Mango Burfi

  • Mango Pulp - 2 Cups
  • Sugar-150gms(3/4 cups
  • Gram Flour(Besan)-100 gms (1 Cup)
  • Desi Ghee- 75 gms. (1/3 cups)
  • Cashew(Kaju)- 15
  • Pistachio- 10 to 12
  • Small Cardamoms- 5

How to make Mango Burfi

Peel two big sized mangoes,  take out the pulp, grind it to a paste. You should have 2 cups of Mango Pulp.

Cut the Pistachios and Cashewnuts in small pieces, and peel the Cardamom. Grind the Cardamom into small pieces.

Pour  desi ghee in the Pan and heat it. Once the ghee melts, add (Gram Flour)Besan to it. Stir it till the besan gets brown in colour and starts giving off the roasting smell.Now put the stirred Besan into a separate bowl.

Put Sugar and Mango Pulp into the pan and let it cook for a while. Stir it with the spoon at small intervals.

Once the pulp gets thick, add the cooked Besan into the mixture of mango pulp and sugar and cook it for a while by continuously stirring the mixture with the spoon. When the mixture gets thick like a halwa, and starts to leave the corners of the pan, add some  cashews and cardamon to it. Stir it regularly till the mixture forms a thick consistency

Grease a plate and put the mixture on it. Spread the mixture evenly on the plate and garnish it with some cashews and pistachios.

Let the mixture get cool and within 2 hours the Mango Burfi will get cold and be ready to eat.

Cut this Burfi in desired shape.

The tasty Mango Burfi is now ready to serve. You can eat the fresh burfi immediately and can store the left over in an air-tight container. This Mango Burfi won't spoil in the refrigerator for at least 10 days; So you can enjoy the taste for a few days.

Mango Burfi with Mawa, Milk Powder and Condensed Milk.

How to make mango burfi with Mawa
Cook the Mawa and add it to the mixture of Mango Pulp and sugar once it gets thick. Cook the mixture till it reaches a  constituency. Desi Ghee is not required , if you are using Mawa to cook.

How to make mango burfi with Milk Powder

When the mixture of mango pulp and sugar gets little thick, close the flame, and add milk powder by continuously stirring the mixture till it gets completely mixed into each other. Cook this mixture till it reached the consistency of freezing. You don't require Desi ghee for Mawa burfi and even if you are using Milk powder in the cooking.

How to make mango burfi with condensed milk
Thicken the Mango Pulp, add condensed milk, and cook it till the mixture reaches to the consistence level of freezing. You may not require desi ghee and sugar while using condensed milk for cooking.

The flame should be low or medium while cooking the besan, stir it continuously, so that it do not get stick to the pan.

The flame should be high while thickening the mixture, but stir the mixture continuously from the core of the pan so that the mixture do not get stick inside the pan and gets thickened soon to make the Burfi.

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