Dry Fruits Namkeen - Farali Dry Fruit Namkeen

Special navratri namkeen prepared with dry fruits is enriched with protein and fiber.

हिन्दी में पढिये : Dry Fruits Namkeen - Farali Dry Fruit Namkeen

Ingredients for Farali Dry Fruit Namkeen

  • Lotus seeds – 3 cups
  • Cashews – ½ cup
  • Almonds – ½ cup
  • Raisins – ½ cup
  • Sendha salt – 1 tsp
  • Black pepper powder – ½ tsp
  • Ghee – 1 cup (for frying)

How to make Dry Fruits Namkeen

Remove stalk from the raisins.

Heat enough ghee in a wok. When the ghee is rightly hot drop lotus seeds to it and fry until they get little brown in color from all sides. Drain out the fried makhana in a plate.

Now drop cashews to the ghee and fry until they get slightly brown in color as well. Take them out in a plate and likewise fry the almonds as well. Keep the flame low while frying. Take out the fried almonds on the same plate.

After this, in a big mixing bowl add makhana, cashews and almonds, followed by raisins and mix them well. Sprinkle some sendha salt and mix again. Also add some black pepper powder and mix everything really well.

Delicious and crispy dry fruits namkeen is ready. Let it cool down completely as it is and then store the namkeen in any air tight container and relish eating for up to 2 months. Whenever you are on fasting have this namkeen along with some fruits or your meals and relish eating.


  • Instead of ghee, refined oil can also be used.
  • You can take dry fruits as per your preference. You can thinly slice the coconut and add to the namkeen. Apart from this melon seeds can also be added. For this, add the melon seeds to the wok, cover them with a plate or lid and roast until there is slight change in color. Walnuts can also be deep fried like almonds and then use in the namkeen.

Dry Fruits Namkeen - Farali Dry Fruit Namkeen



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