Shakarpara Sugar Coated recipe - Shankarpali

Shakarpara is also prepared with kneading sugar in flour and also coating the fried shakapara with sugar. Both the shakarpara have different tastes. These can be prepared for any festivals a week prior. 

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Ingredients for Sugar Coated Shakarpare

  • Refined flour - 2 cups (250 grams)
  • Sugar - 1 cup (250 grams)
  • Ghee or oil - 1/4 (60 grams) for moen

How to make Shankarpali Recipe

For making the shakarpara, melt ghee first for preparing the moen.

Knead the Dough:

For preparing the dough, thoroughly mix melted ghee in to the refined flour. Now add water in small portions and knead stiff dough (for kneading this much dough, we have used 1/2 cup of water). Cover the dough and keep aside for half an hour to set. 

Roll Out the Shakaparas:

After 20 minutes, when the dough sets, knead it again to make smooth. Divide dough into 2 equal parts. Take one portion and place it on a board and cover the second lump to prevent it from drying. Knead the dough until smooth and make a round ball. Place this dough ball over the rolling again and roll out into a thick sheet.

Cut out the Shakarpara

Now cut out the rolled sheet into 1/2 to 0.75 inch long strips. Now rotate the board in 90 degree and cut into to 1 to 1.5 inch long chunks. With this you will get square shaped shakarpare (you can keep the size big or small as per your preference).

After cutting the shakapare, separate them from the board and place on a plate. Similarly, prepare shakarpare from rest of the dough as well. Meanwhile heat enough ghee in a pan on flame for frying the shakarpare.

For frying the Shakarpare

When the ghee is hot, drop a shakarpare into it to check if heated rightly. Ghee is sufficiently hot as shakarpare is frying well. Now fry all the shakarpare in medium hot ghee and keep the flame medium. When the shakarpare starts floating on the surface, flip the sides and continue frying until they turn golden brown in color from all sides.

Drain out the golden brown shakarpare on a plate. Hold the spatula over the wok so that the extra oil drains back to it. Likewise fry rest of the shakarpare as well and then turn off the flame (it takes 12 to 14 minutes for frying the shakarpare at a time).

Prepare the Sugar Syrup

For this, take sugar and 1/3 cup of water in a vessel and place it on flame. Now let it cook until the sugar dissolves completely. 

Check the Syrup

To check the syrup, take 1 to 2 drops in a bowl. Let it cool down and then take the syrup between you thumb and finger. Now stretch apart to see if one long thread is formed. Sugar syrup is ready, turn off the flame. Take off the vessel and place it in a net stand to let it cool down quickly.

Coat the Shakarpare with Syrup

When the syrup cools down and turns thick, drop as much as possible, shakarpare into it. Stir them with a spoon to coat them well with the syrup. Immediately, take out the coated shakarpare into a bowl. Likewise coat rest of the shakarpare with the sugar syrup as well. If the sugar syrup turns thick, reheat it.

Stir the shakarpare with a spoon kept in the bowl else they will stick together to each other. Take out the shakarpare in a plate so that they cool down quickly and can be separated easily.

Sweet shakarpara is ready. Crispy and super delicious sweet shakarpare are ready. Serve them anytime and relish eating.


  • Take moen in 1/4 quantity then flour. If the quantity of moen is less in the dough than shakapare will be come out stiff and hard.
  • Knead stiff dough else the shakarpare will be soft.
  • Don't fry the shakarpare in too hot ghee. Keep the ghee medium hot and fry on medium flame.
  • For making different consistency sugar syrup, different quantity of water is used. For making thick consistency of sugar, we use 1/3 quantity of sugar.

Shakarpara recipe - Sweet Shakarpare - Shankarpali Sugar Coated



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  1. 07 August, 2022 03:32:36 PM PK

    The proportion of Moen to cups of flour is wrong. I took exactly as you have suggested in your recipe and when I fried them on medium heat it all disintegrated and turned out a mush. When I took them out of the oil it was nothing but a heap of .powder

  2. 20 June, 2020 04:39:00 AM Zahida Lone

    I have noticed in your Shakar para recipe the measurements are 250 gms of flour 2cups ,and 250 gms of sugar but it says 1cup. if both are the same weight the should sugar also be 2 Cups.Thank you