Rajbhog Recipe -Easy Rajbhog recipe

Rajbhog is prepared just like spongy rasgullas. The only difference here is that it is stuffed with few dry fruits and is bigger in size. We can make kesari rajbhog by mixing kesar (saffron) into it.

हिन्दी में पढिये - Rajbhog Recipe -Easy Rajbhog recipe

 Ingredients for Rajbhog Recipe

  • Milk - 1.5 liter (7.5 cup)
  • Sugar - 1 k.g (4 cup)
  • Ararot - 2 tsp
  • Tatri (tartaric acid) - ½ tsp or 3 pieces (equal to the size of chana)
  • Cashew nuts - 10-12
  • Pistachios - 1 tbsp
  • Green cardamom - 6-7

How to make Bengali Rajbhog Rasgulla

For making rajbhog we need to prepare chena first. For this take milk in a utensil and place it on flame for heating.

For coagulating milk, make a tatri mixture by dissolving tatri (tartaric acid) in ½ cup water. When milk starts boiling; turn of the gas. Take it off from flame and allow it to get frigid. Make sure milk is 80% warm. Now add little tatri acid mixture at a time and keep stirring the milk. When milk coagulates completely stop adding tatri mixture into it. Within 2 minutes milk coagulates.

 Now wash a white muslin thin cloth and spread it over a sieve. Place the sieve over a big utensil. Pour the coagulated milk over the cloth, chena will be collected over the top and water will drain out in the utensil kept beneath. Lift up the cloth from all sides, hold and squeeze out rest of the water. Chena is now ready.

Take out chena in a big plate and knead with your fingers until smooth. Add ararot in chena and mix well. Chena for making rajbhog is ready. 

How to make stuffing:

Cut cashews and pistachios into small pieces (you can also soak pistachios in lukewarm water and remove its skin). Peel and crush cardamom for making powder. Mix 1 tbsp chena and all chopped dry fruits for making stuffing (you can add yellow or red food color in stuffing as per your taste). Prepare rajbhog balls now.

Divide chena into small equal parts (divide this much quantity into 12-14 parts). Take one chena part and flatten in with your hands. Make a well and place ¼ tsp stuffing in it. Lift up the chena from all sides and close the stuffing nicely. Roll it back into a round ball and place it on a plate. Like wise prepare all rajbhog balls.

How to make sugar syrup:

Take sugar in any big utensil and add 2.5 cup of water. Cook until sugar melts completely. If the sugar consists of some dust particles then add ½ cup milk into it. There will be a formation of froth on the surface. Remove this with help of a spoon. Syrup doesn’t needs to be of one or two thread consistency. When syrup starts boiling, place rajbhog into it one by one. Keep the flame high, as there should be constant boil in the syrup.

Cover and cook rajbhog so that there is constant formation of froth, as these will help in cooking rajbhog nicely. Within 8-10 minutes syrup will start getting thick in consistency. Now add 1-1 tsp water at a time in syrup making sure there is constant boil in the syrup. Cook rajbhog in boiling syrup for 20 minutes.

When rajbhog will get frigid add 1-2 pinch of food color or 1 tbsp saffron water in the syrup and mix well. Yellow-golden rajbhog are ready. Keep the rajbhog as it is sugar syrup and enjoy eating for 1 week.


  • Chena should be soft and soggy else rajbhog will break in the syrup or will get hard.
  • Make sure there is constant boil in the syrup, formation of froth while cooking rajbhog. This helps in cooking and makes rajbhog spongy. (You can also use ritha water in place of plain water as it helps in formation of froth which further helps make rajbhog spongy. In markets, most of the shop keepers keep on adding ritha water in the syrup while making rasgullas.)
  • Rajbhog can also be prepared in pressure cooker .we have already prepared spongy rasgullas in pressure. Similarly rajbhog can be prepared in pressure cooker.
  • If rajbhogs are not prepared appropriately then they may get flat and hard.  

Rajbhog recipe video - Rajbhog recipe video in Hindi



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