Mohan Thal Recipe

Mohan Thal Recipe
Mohan Thal is a traditional sweet made with besan gram flour, and dry fruits. It is considered to be one of the favorite sweets of Lord Krishna. It is very easy to prepare this sweet. Come let us prepare Mohan Thal Sweet today.

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Mohan Thal Recipe in Hindi

Ingredients for Mohan thal

  • Besan (Gram Flour) - 100 gms (1 small bowl)
  • Ghee - 100 gms. (1 small bowl)
  • Milk - 2 table spoon
  • Sugar - 100 gms. (1 small bowl)
  • Mawa - 100 gms. (1 small bowl)
  • Cashew - 10 (cut it into small pieces)
  • Almond - 10 ( finely chopped)
  • Pistachio - 15 (finely chopped)
  • Small cardomom - 5-6 (peel and grind)

Method- How to make Mohan Thal

mohanthal2_549790833.jpg There is 2 quality of Besan available in the market. One is finely granulated and the other is in the thick form. Besan of thick granules is better to make Mohan Thal.

Seive besan in a bowl. Add 2 tea spoon ghee to it and mix it well. Knead it by adding milk into the mixture to make a dough. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 20 minutes.

Now add sugar and equivalent water to form a chashni (syrup). Put some almonds and pistachios aside for garnishing the sweet. Now add all dryfruits and mewas into this chashni.

Now take a big pan, and heat some oil into it. Take the dough and fry it in the oil. As soon as you are able to smell the fragrance coming from oil, add mawa into it and stir the mixture well. Now pour chashni in the mixture once the besan and mawa turns brown. Cook it for 6-7 minutes. Take a plate, grease it well and spread the mixture evenly onto it. Garnish it with chopped almonds and pistachios. (This mixture will freeze in 3-4 hours)

Cut the sweet into small small pieces according to your wish. Mohan Thal is ready to eat and serve. You can store it in an air-tight container and can be refrigerated for 2 weeks.

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