Quickest way to make Crispy Potato Chips in minutes

Sometimes one feels like eating some crunchy snacks at a time when it is difficult to even get them.  Some such snacks are potato chips, they feel like eating them with tea or while watching a serial or even like that.  Today we will make these potato chips with a very easy method.  Now you will not have to take the trouble of bringing chips from outside.  Make these chips at home and eat whenever you want.


Ingredients for Quick Potato Chips


Potato - 3 (300 grams)

Salt - ½ tsp

Black Pepper - ½ tsp

Oil for frying


Process of making Potato Chips


Peel 2 potatoes and put them in a bowl filled with water.  Then put oil in the pan to heat, remember the oil should be medium-high hot and the flame should be high.  Meanwhile, take out a potato from the water and wipe it well and cut the potato chips with a chip cutter.  Chips are to be cut in length or can also be cut in the size of your choice.


When the oil is hot, put the chopped chips in the pan and fry them.  Fry them while stirring little by little, at the same time fry them till they become light brown from both the sides.  After frying them well, take them out and keep them in a sieve so that the remaining oil also drains out.  Now prepare the rest in the same way.


After the chips are made, place them in a big bowl, then add ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of ground black pepper and mix it well.  Crispy and spicy potato chips will be ready.




Potatoes are to be cut carefully.

Quickest way to make Crispy Potato Chips in minutes



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