Spicy Mixture Namkeen



Spicy mixture namkeen is a namkeen which is made up of the mixture of many spices and ingredients.

Ingredients for the spicy mixture namkeen

  • Chickpea flour- ½ cup (for boondi)
  • Chickpea flour- ½ cup (for paste)
  • Flattened rice(chivda/poha)- 1 cup
  • Peanuts- ¾ cup
  • Soaked chana dal- ½ cup
  • Green peas- ½ cup (soaked and boiled)
  • Oil- 1 tbsp
  • Baking soda- ½ pinch
  • Black peppers- 1 tsp
  • Cinnamon stick- 1 inch
  • Green cardamoms- 2
  • Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
  • Red chilli powder- 1 Tsp
  • Salt- 1 tsp or as per the taste
  • Raisins-  2-3 tbsp
  • Curry leaves- ¼ cup

How to make the spicy namkeen mixture

Take the ½ cup of chickpea flour in a bowl and add 1 tsp of oil, salt less than the ¼ of tsp. Prepare the smooth paste by adding a small portion of the water in it. To prepare this amount of paste more than ¼ cup of water is utilised.

To prepare the sev, take ¼ cup of chickpea flour in a bowl. Add 1 tsp of oil, less than ¼ tsp of salt and the ½ pinch of the baking soda. Prepare the dough out of it by mixing all the ingredients properly and adding 3 tbsp of water to it.    

For the boondi

Preheat the oil in a wok to fry the boondi. After, a while add 2-3 drops of paste into it to check the temperature of the oil. In case the boondi starts floating on the surface of the oil in the wok, it indicates that oil is as hot as it is required. Hold a ladle above the wok and start adding the paste over it. The boondi will itself move into the oil from the holes of the ladle.

Fry the boondi in the hot oil until it is golden brown in colour. Boondis are fried and they appear crispy. Filter the boondi out of the oil using a strainer. Place the strainer on the plate so that extra oil moves in the place. Prepare the boondi out of the remaining paste in an exact way.

For the sev

Take the chickpea dough and place it on the ladle, apply some oil on your palms and put some pressure on the ladle so that the dough starts moving out of the hole of the ladle. Fry the sevs until they are golden brown.

Take out the fried sevs out of the wok using the strainer and place them on the plate.


To fry the chana dal

Fry the soaked chana dal by placing it on the strainer as we did for the sevs and boondis. Fry the dal until it is golden brown and then place the strainer on the plate.

To fry the peas

Fry the peas in an exact way as we did for the chana dal. Fry it until it is golden brown in colour and place it on the plate along with the strainer.

To fry the peanuts

Add the peanuts in the strainer and put them in the wok to fry until they are golden brown in colour and place the strainer on the plate.

To fry the poha

Add the poha in the strainer and dip it in the wok to fry. Fry the poha mildly and place the fries poha on the plate.

To fry the curry leaves

Add the curry leaves in the strainer and fry them. Medium flame and moderately heated oil are required to fry the curry leaves. Once the curry leaves are fried take out the strainer and place it on the plate.

To prepare the masala

To prepare the masala to take the mixer jar and add the cinnamon stick by breaking it into halves, cardamoms, black pepper, 1 tsp of  salt, cumin seeds and red chilli powder. Grind all the ingredients coarsely grounded. Take the masala mixture in a bowl.


Mixing the masala mixture in the namkeen.

Take all the fried namkeen in a bowl and mix them properly. Mix the 3 tbsp of the masala mixture in the namkeen. Add the raisins and curry leaves in it and fry them properly.
Tasty and delicious namkeen is ready. You can store the namkeen in an air-tight container and you can consume it for the period of  2-3 months.


To prepare the sev, we can also use the machine.

Do not add the green peas if not favourable.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of masala mixture according to your taste.

During the frying process, fry all the namkeen properly.

Spicy Mixture Namkeen | नमकीन मिक्स बंगाली चनाचूर । Nameen Mix banane ki vidhi



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