Kesar - Zaafraan - Saffron

Kesar is known as various name such as kunkum, zaafraan, and saffron. Kesar is red in color. When dissolved in water it turn yellow. It is sour and punget in taste.It has a strong smell. Saffron is dry and warm in effect.

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How to find good quality Saffron
Saffron is quite expensive, so there is a lot of adulteration in it. Make sure you inspect it well while buying. Often people are unable to differentiate.While buying take care of the following things.

. Saffron should be bright red in color.It is completely soluble in water. If it is pure saffron it gradually gives off color. If the saffron strands do not dissolve even after a long time then it is adulterated.
. Saffron has a very strong smell that spreads. If adulterated it doesnt smell. If you taste saffron, then it has a sour taste. So when you taste saffron and it has a sweet taste to it.
. If you add saffron ko baking soda mixed water, and it turns red,then it is adulterated, if it gives off slightly yellow color it is not.
. Buy saffron only from trusted brands and shops.

Where to buy Saffron
Buy Saffron from any big grocery store, those who sell dry fruits. You can also buy it online.

Use of Saffron in recipes
Saffron due to its distinct flavor and color is used in various recipes such as Rasmalai , Halwa, Kheer, Ladoo, peda , Raj bhog. Itis also used in certain milk based drinks etc.

Culinary Uses of Saffron

Kesar Peda 
Kesar Barfi



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