Dry Kasoori Methi in Microwave - How to make Kasuri Methi at home

Normally fenugreek leaves are sun dried and dry fenugreek is prepare. But if there is no sunlight then kasuri methi can be prepare instantly in a microwave. You will get really fragrant and nice kasuri methi.

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Ingredients for Dry Kasoori Methi in Microwave

  • Fenugreek leaves – 250 grams

How to make Kasuri Methi at home

Pluck the leave from stalk and rinse them thoroughly. Place them in a sieve to dry.

When the water dries up, place the leaves in a microwave safe bowl. Place the tray inside the microwave and roast for 3 minutes on maximum temperature. After 3 minutes, take the tray out and flip the leaves. Again place it inside and microwave for 3 minutes.

After this, take the tray out. Leaves have dried out to an extent. Turn the leaves again and microwave for 2 more minutes. After 2 minutes, take out the tray. Now the leaves have dried completely, let them cool down completely.

Once the leaves have cooled down, rub the leaves between your hands to make powder. Kasuri methi powder in microwave is ready. Take an air tight container and use whenever needed. 

Prepare kasuri methi in microwave and use in any recipe as required. This enhances the taste and flavor of meals. 


  • You can keep the leaves as it instead of making powder.
  • After crushing the leaves, you can also sieve out the stalks. 

Dry Kasoori Methi in Microwave - How to make Kasuri Methi at home



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