Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved sweet dishes. Usually Gulab jamun  are prepared with mawa but at few places mawa is not easily available, so gulab jamun can be prepared with milk powder. Gulab jamun prepared with milk powder are as soft, tender and delicious as prepared with mawa. 

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Ingredients for Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

  • Milk Powder - 1 cup (135 grams)
  • Full cream milk - 1/2 cup
  • Unsalted butter - 1/4 cup (55 grams)
  • Cashew nuts - 10-12 pieces
  • Cardamom - 7-8
  • Pistachios - 10-12
  • Maida (refined flour) - 4-5 tsp
  • Ghee - for frying gulab jamun
For Sugar Syrup
  • Sugar - 400 grams (2 cups)

How to make Gulab Jamun with milk powder

Firstly prepare mawa for making Gulab Jamun. For this, take butter in pan and melt it. Now add milk and mix well. Make sure the gas flame is kept minimum. When milk and butter are mixed well, add milk powder and stir constantly until all ingredients are mixed well. Keep stirring the mixture and cook until it gets thick and smooth in texture (like mawa). After the mawa is ready, turn off the flame and take out the mixture in a separate bowl.  

Prepare Stuffing

Cut cashew nuts and pistachios in fine pieces. Peel the cardamom and make a coarse powder. Separate out half the cardamom powder for adding in sugar syrup. Take rest of the cardamom powder, diced cashews and pistachios, 1 tbsp mawa, 1-2 tsp milk and mix all the ingredients to prepare the stuffing. 

Prepare Sugar syrup

Put sugar and 1 cup water in any utensil and cook until sugar dissolves completely. Now check the sugar syrup. For this drop 1-2 drops on a plate. With help of your thumb and finger check the syrup. It should be gooey in texture. Formation of one thread or two thread is not necessary. Sugar syrup is now ready, turn off the flame. Add cardamom powder in the syrup and mix well. 

Make the  mawa smooth

Place the mawa in a plate. Add 4 tsp maida and knead until it gets smooth in texture. If the mixture appears to be dry add small amount of milk into it. Add little milk at a time with help of a spoon and knead well. Within 6-7 mins mawa will get soft. 

Prepare Gulab Jamun

Preheat oil in a pan. Take little amount of mixture and with help of your hands make a round ball and place it in pan for frying. With help of ladle, pour oil over the gulab jamun. Fry until it gets golden brown in color. If the gulab jamun is prepared easily, you can use this mixture for making more but if the gulab jamun splits in oil, then the mixture cannot be used for making gulab jamun. Add 2-3 tsp maida in mawa, knead well and again check the mixture. If the gulab jamun is ready, use the mixture for making rest. 

Take little amount of mixture, roll and then flatten it. Place 1/4 tsp stuffing on it and make a round ball covering the stuffing. Keep the ready gulab jamun on plate and prepare the rest likewise. 

Fry the Gulab Jamun

Place 3-4 gulab jamun in oil and fry. Keep in mind that while frying the gulab jamun don't touch them with ladle, instead pour oil over them with help of a ladle. Take out the fried gulab jamun and place on plate with napkin paper. After 1-2 minutes, put in sugar syrup. Likewise prepare all gulab jamun. Let the gulab jamun drench in sugar syrup for 5-6 hours so that they get apt sweetness. 


  • Don't add too much maida in milk powder mawa, as doing so can make gulab jamun hard. 
  • Before frying the gulab jamun, test them. For this fry one gulab jamun in oil, if it splits then add some for maida into the mixture. 
  • If the gulab jamun are getting hard, add 1-2 tsp milk into the mixture. 
  • Make sure while frying gulab jamun, oil is medium hot. Don't touch them with ladle, instead pour oil over them with help of ladle. 
  • Sugar syrup should be apt for gulab jamun else gulab jamun will not get the apt sweetness. 



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