How to make Potato Papad at Home | Potato papad recipe

You can find Potatoes in huge quantity in the months of April and May and at cheap rates in the market. The Sun also shines at its maximum during these months. You can easily make Potato Papad, Potato Chips, Potato Sev during this time of the year. Lets make crispy Potato Papad today.

इस रेसीपी को हिन्दी में पढिये -  Potato Papad Recipe in Hindi

Potato Papad ingredients

  • Potato -  1 kgs. (medium sized)
  • Salt - less than 1 tea spoon (according to the taste)
  • Red Chilli Powder - less than a 1/2 tea spoon.
  • Oil - 2 table spoon.

Method - How to Make Potato Papad

Wash and boil the Potatoes in the cooker in 2 cups of water for upto 1 whistle. After the first whistle, boil the Potatoes for 3-4 minutes on a medium flame until they get soft or tender.

Once the Potatoes are boiled and cools down, peel and grate them. Add salt, red chilli powder into the grated Potatoes and mash them.

Now grease your hands and make small balls from the mixture. Make as much balls as you can from the mixture, but remember that all the balls should be of same size. Make all the balls and keep on placing them on a plate. You will be able to make 20-22 balls from the mixture of 1 k.g potatoes.

To roll out the Potato Balls you need 1x2 ft. thick polythene sheet and a big flat polythene -sheet is required to dry them under the Sun.

Spread the big polythene - sheet on top of a bedsheet on the terrace floor. Put any heavy substance like bricks on all the four corners of the sheet so it doesn't misplace.

Potato Papad Making Method.

To roll out the Papad take any thick transparent polythene sheet. Place the sheet on a rolling board in a way that half of it should be fall outside the board and half should be covering the inside of the board. You can even take two equal parts of a polythene - sheet.  Place the potato ball on one sheet and the cover it with the other sheet.

Apply some oil on the first polythene - sheet and on both sides of the potato ball. Place the first sheet on the rolling board and keep the greased potato ball on it. Now cover the potato ball from other sheet and press it with hands o flatten it. Roll the potato ball into thin flat disc as we do while making chapatis. Moreover, you can also press the potato ball with your fingers to give it a round shape.

How to Dry the Papad on a big polythene -  sheet.

Strip out the one side of polythene - sheet from the rolled out papad and put it over the big polythene - sheet from the side of the papad. Now press the papad with hands to stick it on the big polythene - sheet and strip out the other part of the polythene - sheet also. Press the papad against the big polythene sheet to settle it down. Place all the other papad on the sheet in the same manner.

Let the papad dry in the Sun. After 3-4 hours turn the sides of the papad, when they are little moist. If the papad will get completely dry from one side, then they might break on turning or get stick to the polythene - sheet.

Usually it take a day for a papad to get completely dry, but if they are still little moise then collect them at the end of the first day and spread them again the next day to get completely dried.

You can fry, roast the Potato Papad on the stove or in the microwave, whenever you want to use them.

  • How to Fry Potato Papad.
    Heat Oil in a pan,  put papad in it. Keep on turning the sides until it gets light brown.
  • How to Roast Potato Papadums on gas.
    Roast the papad on a pan on medium flame. Hold it with a tong and keep on turning the sides, until it gets light brown in colour.
  • How to Roast Potato Papad in Microwave.
    Keep the papad in a microwave and set the time for 1 minute. Then turn the side and again microwave it t for 1/2 minute.

You can store and use Potatao Papad for more than 6 months, if kept in an air-tight container.

You can also use black pepper instead of red chilli powder as per your taste and preference.

If you are making Potato Papad for fasting days, then you should use the salt used in fasting food (Lahori Salt) and black pepper.



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