Puff Biscuits Recipe - Puff Pastry Biscuits Recipes

You can easily make puff pastries, cheese puff and puff vegetables roll. If you have puff pastry sheets at home then you can easily make Puff Biscuits from it.

Ingredients for Puff Biscuits

  • Puff pastry sheets.

Method - How to make Puff Biscuits

You need puff pastry sheets to make puff biscuits. You can buy puff pastry sheets from the market also, but if it is not available in the market then you can make it at home. We can make puff pastry sheets at home and use it for over one month. Click on the link below to get the recipe for puff pastry sheets.

If you are using stored puff sheets then take them out of the fridge 4-5 hours to defrost prior to getting started with the recipe. 

Keep the sheets on a rolling board and spread the dry maida powder over it. Now roll the sheet into 11/4*1 1/4 flat disc and cut into small square pieces.

Now pre-heat the oven at 230 centigrade. Place the puff sheet's pieces on a tray at equal distance and keep the tray in the oven set at 230 centigrade for 15 minutes.

Take out the tray from the oven and flip the pieces. Bake the pieces again for another 15 minutes at 180 centigrade. If the pieces are soft then set the oven at the temperature of 160 centigrade for 10 minutes to make them crispy.

Crispy Puff Biscuits are ready. Serve them to your kids and have them yourself too. Store the remaining biscuits in an air-tight container and eat them whenever you like.

Puff Cheese Biscuits Recipe
To make Puff cheese biscuits take puff pastry sheets and spread grated paneer masala mixture over it. Cover it with other puff sheet and press the corners to close it. Roll the sheets and cut it into 4-5 pieces.

Now bake it in the same way we baked Puff Biscuits as mentioned above.

How to make Bombay Khari Biscuits
Khari biscuits is a commonly popular recipe of Bombay. It is an Indian version of Puff Pastries. We can make it with the help of puff pastry sheets. Cut the sheets into long pieces or may be squared and spread carom seeds over it. Now bake it as we baked Puff biscuits.

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    Hi Nisha ji. My oven does not have pre heating feature.In that case how can I bake puff biscuits?