How to make Tofu – How to make Soy Paneer at Home

Making Soy Paneer at Home

Tofu looks like paneer, but has a different taste. You can make curry recipes, pulav, cutlets etc from tofu.

Our taste buds are not familiar with the taste of tofu. You might find the taste of it little different, but after consuming it for 4-5 times you will start liking its a lot. Lets prepare Tofu with Soyabean Milk.

Ingredients for Tofu (Soy Paneer)

  • Soybean Milk - 2 ltr.
  • Citric Acid - Equal to two chana.

Method - How to make Tofu at home.

Calcium Sulphate is required to coagulate. But calcium sulphate of food grade is not easily available in the market. So we will use citric acid to make paneer from soybean milk. Paneer made with citric acid is hard and very tasty.

We will require 2 ltr. soybean milk to make 400 gms of tofu. Read the steps to make Soybean Milk at home by clicking on the below given link. Make Soymilk at Home"

Turn off the flame when soybean milk is ready. 
Let the soybean milk's temperature come to 70-80 degree. Meanwhile, grind the tatri and soak it in 1 table spoon luke warm water.

Mix the citric water with soybean milk and stir 1-2 times. Do not stir continuously. Withing 15-20 minutes the milk will coagulate and you will be able to see water separating from it.   If you think that the milk has not yet been fully coagulated, then pour some more citric solution to it.  Sieve the coagulated milk instantly, else the tofu will not get soft. 

Once the milk and the water separates, spread a clean cloth over a strainer and pour the milk over it. Tofu will get collected on the cloth and the water will strain down into the bowl.

Tight squeeze the cloth after folding it from both the ends and then place a hevay object at the corner to strain any excess water from the tofu.

You can get a good quality and soft tofu after 30-40 minutes. The tofu inside the cloth will freeze inside the cloth that can be used to make various different dishes or you can even fry it in a non-stick pan with little oil and sprinkle some spices over it. Tofu tastes better than nay normal paneer.

If you are using Tofu instantly then it is fine, else you can store it in the refrigerator in a bowl filled with drinking water. Change the water everyday. This way you can use it for over a week.

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  1. 29 October, 2022 08:06:59 AM SUJAY DEBNATH

    I have started a new business of soya tofu, all things are all right but the smell of tofu is so bad. I don't understand how can I remove this smell. If you don't mind then will you please help me to say the process of removing of bad smell from tofu. My contact no.-7001287290 (wat's app).

  2. 05 May, 2019 01:39:27 PM Himanshu

    Pl. Help, my tofu is not binding like it should be. It is breaking into bhurji, when I am trying to pick a piece of tofu.