How to Make Amla Candy – Indian Gooseberry Candy

Amla candy is an another form of Amla Murabba (Sweet Amla Pickle). Children who do not like to eat Amla Murabba eat Amla candy happily. Amla contains many nutrients, it is abundant with Vitamin C and is beneficial for our body no matter in what form it is eaten. Amla strengthens our digestive system and it increases the resistance power of our body. It is also used in the making of many herbal medicines. Eating Amla regularly will help you maintain good health.

Amla is available in the market during the winter season in ample quantities. Enjoy the benefits of fresh Amla through preparations like Amla Chutney, Amla-fry, or Amla soup daily during this season. It is stored for the longer term in many forms. You can store it as Amla powder, Amla pickle, Amla sweet pickle, sweet chutney or Amla candy. Here, we will tell you how to make Amla candy. You can store this tasty candy and eat it any time. You can make it sweet or spicy according to your choice.

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Ingredients for Amla Candy

  • Amla: 1 kg ( 30- 35)
  • Sugar: 700 gm (3.75 Cups)

How to make Amla Candy

Put Amla in a strainer and wash them well. Take a utensil, wash it and fill enough water in it so that the Amlas will be submerged easily then put it on fire for boiling. When water begins to boil put the Amlas in boiling water. After the water starts boiling again keep it boiling for 2 minutes then put off fire and cover these Amlas for 5 minutes with a utensil. Make sure that you don't put the Amlas into the utensils before the water starts boiling. Put the Amlas for cooking only when the water is already boiling.

Put these Amlas in a strainer and when they become cold, slice them up using a knife and throw the kernels away. Put the pieces of Amla in another utensil and pour around 650 gms of sugar so that it covers the Amlas. Keep the utensil for a day. Powder the remaining 50 gm sugar.

Next day you will find that the sugar has turned into a syrup and Amla pieces are floating in this sugar. Stir the syrup and cover it for another 2-3 days.

After 2-3 days, these pieces will not float and will sink to bottom of utensil because they have soaked up the sugar syrup and become heavier due to that. Now sieve these pieces from syrup and put them in Sunlight to dry. After drying , coat these Amlas with the powdered sugar.

Amla candy is ready. Store the candy in an air-tight container and enjoy 6-7 pieces everyday. This candy is not only good in taste but for health too.

Spicy Amla Candy

Extra ingredients

  • Black Pepper
  • Black Salt

Amchur (Powdered Raw Mango) If you want to make the Amla Candy spicier, mix 1 small spoon of black salt, 1/2 spoon of black pepper and 1/2 spoon of Amchur powder with the refined sugar before you coat the Amlas.

Amla Sharbat

You can use the Amla syrup in the summer to make tasty cool drinks. Thicken it up by stirring it over a flame for a little while. When it becomes cold then strain it into an air tight container of plastic or glass. If you like Amla murabba or chutney, then you will love the Sharbat too. It has the distinct and unique flavor of Amla.

Amla Candy Recipe – How to make dry Amla Candy Video in Hindi



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