Puran Poli Recipe - Receipe of Puran Poli - Marathi Dish Puran Poli

Pooran Poli is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet. Several types of Pooran polis are made but one made with split Bengal gram is more popular.It is very tasty, easy to cook and stays fresh for 2-3 days. Let’s make Pooran Poli today!

Ingredients for Pooran poli Recipe

For Kneading Flour

  • Wheat flour or flour – 400 grams
  • Salt - to taste
  • Oil or Ghee – 1 tablespoon

For Preparing  Pooran

* Split Bengal gram (Chane ki daal)– 150 grams
* Sugar or Jaggery (Gur)– 50 grams
* Green cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi)– 8 to 10
* Ghee or refined oil – 100-150 grams

How To cook Pooran Poli


Soak Bengal gram for 4-5 hours.

Sift flour, add 1 tablespoon ghee and salt to taste and mix well. Knead smooth dough with warm water. Cover and keep aside for 20 minutes.

Boil gram in pressure cooker in 2-3 tablespoon water. Turn off the flame after 1 whistle. Take out lentil, cool and grind finely in mixer without water.

Heat 1 tablespoon ghee, add ground lentil and powdered sugar (If you are using jaggery, then drop small pieces of jaggery in hot ghee and melt it, then add ground lentil). Fry for 5 minutes, cool and mix powdered green cardamom. Pooran is ready.

Heat a griddle. Make a small ball of dough, flatten and stuff 2 tablespoon of pooran. Seal and press between your palms (Your pooran poli will not break while rolling if you do this). Rub this stuffed ball with flour and roll into a round 6”-7” in diameter with a rolling pin. Put pooran poli on griddle. Apply oil on both sides and fry till it turns brown, turning regularly. Fry all pooran polis in this manner.

Pooran Poli is ready. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

Serves 4,
Cooking Time – 40 minutes

Puran Poli Recipe - Receipe of Puran Poli Video in Hindi



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