Sharifa Rabdi Recipe

Giving a special flavour to the dessert, today we are going to make Basundi of Sharifa.  It is very tasty and gets ready in a jiffy.  It is so delicious that after eating it once, you will like to eat it again and again.  So you too make this dessert with this easy method and enjoy its taste.


Ingredients for Sharifa Basundi


Full Cream Milk - 1 litre

Custard Apple - 2

Cardamom - 4-5

Sugar - 3 tbsp


Process of making Sharifa Basundi


Pour water in the pan and make it wet by rotating it around.  After removing the water, add 1 litre of full cream milk and boil it.  Remember, the milk has to be stirred in between.  Meanwhile, take out the pulp of 2 custards and sieve them by pressing them in the mesh.  Remove the seeds that will come out in it and put the rest of the pulp in the bowl itself.


When the milk comes to a boil, cook them on low-medium flame, stirring them for a while till it becomes thick.  When the milk becomes thick, add 4-5 coarsely ground cardamom and 3 tbsp of sugar and mix it well.  After mixing, turn off the flame and let it cool down a bit.


When the milk cools down, add custard apple pulp and mix it well.  Once mixed, the Basundi of Sharifa will be ready.  Keep it in the fridge for 1 hour and serve it cold and enjoy its taste.




While boiling the milk, keep stirring it for a while.

Sharifa Rabdi Recipe



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