Sooji Aloo Masala Puri with Cucumber Tomato Raita

Sooji Aloo Masala Puri and Cucumber Tomato Raita is a very tasty food.  While on one hand semolina aloo masala is very spicy and delicious, on the other hand cucumber tomato raita is very beneficial for health.  With very few ingredients and in less time, these will be ready and you will be very proud of your cooking style by eating them.


Ingredients for Sooji Aloo Masala Puri


Semolina - ¾ cup (135 grams)

Potato - 2 boiled

Wheat Flour - ¾ cup (135 grams)

Salt - 1 tsp

Green Chilli - 2 finely chopped

Red Chilli - 1 tsp

Cumin Seeds - ½ tsp

Carom Seeds - ¼ tsp

Coriander - 2-3 tbsp

Oil for frying pooris


For Cucumber Tomato Raita


Curd - 1.5 cup

Cucumber - ½ cup finely chopped

Tomato - ½ cup finely chopped

Green Chilli - ½ finely chopped

Cumin Seeds Powder - ½ tsp

Black Salt - ½ tsp

Green Coriander

Ghee - 1 tsp

Cumin Seeds - ½ tsp

Asafoetida - ½ pinch


Process of making dough for Puri


In a bowl, dip ¾ cup of semolina in ¾ cup of hot water for 10 minutes.  When semolina swells in hot water, grains will not be visible in the poori, but its crispness will come.  Grate two boiled potatoes, remember that the potatoes are not to be mashed, the smaller ones have to be grated.  Now add grated potatoes, ¾ cup of flour, 1 tsp of salt, 2 green chilies finely chopped after removing the seeds, 1 tsp of crushed red chilli, ½ tsp of cumin, ¼ tsp of carom seeds (crush it and put it in) and add 2-3 tbsp of chopped coriander leaves and knead it.  Knead a soft dough and keep it covered for 5 minutes.  If the dough sticks to your hands while kneading, then add some oil and knead it.


Process of making Raita


Beat 1.5 cups of curd in a bowl, then add ½ cup of finely chopped cucumber, ½ cup of finely chopped tomato and green chili after removing the seeds and cut them into small pieces.  If you do not want to add green chili, then red chili can also be added.  Then add ½ tsp roasted cumin powder and ½ tsp of black salt and mix the whole mixture well.  Garnish it by adding some green coriander on top, in this way a delicious raita will be ready.


To make the raita a little more delicious, add 1 tsp of ghee (oil can also be added), ½ tsp of cumin in the tadka pan and fry it lightly.  Remember, cumin seeds should not burn too much or else the taste of the tadka will get spoiled.  Now add ½ pinch of asafoetida and fry it lightly and put it in the raita.  Tadka raita of Asafoetida cumin seeds gives a very good taste.  Mix it well and the raita will be ready.


Process of making Sooji Aloo Masala Puri Recipe


Take some oil on your hand and mash the dough and make balls.  Make the dough according to the size of the poori you want to make.  If the dough seems a little too soft, then apply oil on the dough and the dough will not stick.  Make a round of the dough and roll it out, remember that before rolling out the whole, apply light oil on the rolling pin and the chuckle, it will be rolled well without sticking.  Keep the poori slightly thick while rolling it with light hands.


Heat oil for frying.  When hot, put the poori in oil and inflate it.  After it puffs up, take it out after turning it golden brown from both the sides.  Similarly make all the pooris.  Remember, once the oil becomes hot, fry the pooris on medium flame, it will not burn the pooris.


Pooris will be ready, serve them with mango pickle and raita and enjoy eating them.




For dough, semolina, water, potatoes and flour are all to be taken in one quantity, then you can add more water or flour while kneading further.

Make the dough a little soft.

Roll out the puris a little thick with a light hand.

While frying the pooris, keep in mind that the oil is hot enough.

Sooji Aloo Masala Puri with Cucumber Tomato Raita



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