Spicy Green Chili Tomato Sabzi Recipe


Try green chili tomato sabzi to make your unexciting meals fun. This dish has a combined flavor of pickle, chutney, and sabzi. You can serve it as a side dish, and everyone will love it. The preparation is quite easy, and it gets ready in a jiff. So, let’s get started.

Ingredients Require:

Tomato - 3, (300 gms)
Green Chilli - 7, (100 gms)
Mustard Oil - 2 - 3 tbsp
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Fenugreek Seeds - 1/4 tsp
Asafoetida - 1 pinch
Ginger - 1 tsp, grated
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
Fennel Powder - 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp
Dry Fenugreek - 1 tbsp
Salt - 1 tsp

Green Chilli Tomato Sabzi Recipe:

Take 3-tomatoes and 7-jwala green chili. Jwala green chilies are best for preparing sabzi as they are less spicy. Discard the stalk and cut the chilies into bite-size. Next, discard the head of the tomatoes and chop them into big pieces.

Heat 2-3 tbsp of mustard oil in the Kadai. Keep the flame low to avoid burning of spices. When the oil is hot, add 1 tsp of mustard seeds, 1 tsp of cumin seeds, and 1/4 tsp of fenugreek seeds. The combination of mustard, cumin, and fenugreek seeds makes sabzi delicious.

Add 1-pinch hing, 1 tsp of grated ginger, chopped chilies, 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder, and saute them over medium flame for a minute or two. Add tomatoes and other spices after sauteeing chilies.

Suggest: You can add garlic if you want.

Add 1 tsp of coriander powder, 1 tsp of fennel powder, 1/2 tsp of red chili powder, 1 tsp of salt to the sabzi and mix well. Cover the sabzi and cook it over medium heat for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, check and stir the sabzi. We want tomatoes and chilies to be slightly cooked. Do not make them mushy. If necessary, cook the chilies for another 2 minutes.

Tomato and chili sabzi is ready to be served. Serve it with paratha, poori, or rice. Refrigerate the sabzi and enjoy it for 3-4 days.


टमाटर हरी मिर्च की मसालेदार सब्ज़ी । Spicy Green Chilli Tomato Sabzi - Rajasthani Mirch Tamatar Saag



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