How to make Sugarcane Vinegar । Natural Vinegar & Synthetic Vinegar


Vinegar is an Ingredient which helps to preserve the food for the longer period and preparing it at home is an easy process

Ingredients for Vinegar

  • Sugarcane Juice - 1 litre
  • Water - 500 ml
  • Nails - 2
  • Acidic Acid - 2 tbsp

How to make Vinegar

Natural Vinegar (Sugarcane Vinegar)

Take 1 litre of Sugarcane Juice in a Glass Jar, add 2 non-rusted Nails in it. Place it in a warm place or cupboard for the 2 months. After 2 months, filter it using a cotton cloth and after Filtering it, store in a Glass, Porcelain or food grade plastic bottle. Sugarcane Vinegar is ready to be used.

Synthetic Vinegar

Take 500 ml of RO water, add 2 tablespoons of Acidic Acid which is 25 ml of it and mix them. We add its almost 4 to 6% in it. Mix them using a plastic spoon. The synthetic vinegar is ready to use.


To understand the usage of Vinegar, You can read the article on my website


Do not use the metal strainer for the filtration process.

If you have a strainer with plastic wires then, you can use it.

The bottle which we will use for it should be of Glass, Porcelain or food grade plastic bottle.

If you don't have RO water then, you can use water after boiling it.

गन्ने के रस से सिरका कैसे बनायें । How to make Sugarcane Vinegar & Synthetic Vinegar



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