Homemade Tamarind Pulp । Tamarind Concentrate Homemade


If you have previously made imli pulp, then you can use it in chutney, sambhar and choley. You will not have to worry about makin it from raw tamarind. Prepare this pulp in advance and use it for coming 6 months. 

Ingredients for Tamarind Concentrate Homemade

  • Tamarind  - 200 gms 

How to make Tamarind pulp

Take a packet of Imli pulp. Break tamarind into small pieces, and soak in 2 cup lukewarm water for 2 hours to make it soft.

Mash with hands, i.e separate the pulp from fibres with hands for 3 to 4 minutes. Keep the fibres in a separate plate.  Strain the pulp over a strainer with help of a spoon. If still pulp remains press with hands.

Strain out the extra pulp and remove all fibre. You can fill it up in container, keep in fridge.

tamarind pulp

To make it dense, put it in pan. Stir and cook it on medium flame until dense. As the pulp boils, stir and cook it to prevent spluttering. 

Check if it falls as lump and is not of pouring consistency then it is ready. Turn off flame and let it cool. Take pulp out in a bowl.

On cooling keep it an air tight container, keep it in the refrigerator.You can use it in any recipe such as chutney, sambhar etc.  

Suggestions : 

  • The leftover fibre to has a lot of pulp. To use it again, put it in lukewarm water mash it and separate the pulp from the fibres again and use it as needed. 
  • Pulp splutters while making so make sure you stir t while cooking. 

Homemade Tamarind Pulp | इमली का पल्प । Tamarind Concentrate Homemade



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