Petha Recipe - How to make petha sweet

Whenever we listen to work Petha, Agra city comes to our mind. Yes Petha is prepared mostly in Agra. No ghee or oil is used for making Petha sweet. All we need is well ripped Petha fruit. Ripped fruit has light color and have hard skin. 

Petha fruit equals to the size of pumpkin and has color like lauki (bottlegourd). Petha is prepared with numerous styles. The most common is dry petha sweet. Other types are angoori petha (drenched in sugar syrup), coconut petha (prepared with adding coconut color). Apart from it, petha can be prepared in different shapes, color and essence. 

Today we are making dry petha sweet. 

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Ingredients for Petha Sweets

  • Petha fruit - 1 k.g
  • Sugar - 700 grams (3.5 cup)
  • Kewada essence - 4 to 5 drops (optional)

How to make petha sweet

Peel the petha fruit and remove and marrow from it. Cut the rest of the part into small square or rectuangular chunks with 1 to 2 inch dimensions. 

Prick the petha chunks with help of fork, slightly. 

Add good amount of water in any vessel, so that petha chunks drench into it nicely.  Add alum (equal to the size of two peas) in water. Now place petha chunks to the alum water, cover and keep them aside for 2 hours. 

Take out petha chunks from alum water and wash them nicely with clean water. 

Now take enough water in any vessel (chunks should drench in it completely) and place it on flame for heating. After water simmers once, place the chunks in water, cover and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. When there is slightest change in the color of petha, turn off the flame. Take out the petha chunks in sieve, so that excess water drains out. 

Make sure petha chunks, don't turn too soft while boiling. Take a vessel to cook boiled petha chunks along with sugar. Add petha chunks and sugar in it, cover and keep it aside for half an hour as it it. Sugar dissolves in juice of petha chunks, there is no need to add more water to it. 

Now place the same vessel over flame for cooking the petha. Cook on low flame so that sugar dissolves completely. After sugar dissolves, bring the flame to medium and cook petha on medium flame. 

For making dry petha sweet, cook the sugar syrup until it gets dense in consistency . Keep stirring at regular intervals. Make sure petha and sugar syrup doesn't burn. When sugar syrup gets thick in consistency, turn off the flame. Keep the petha in same vessel for 6 to 7 hours or overnight, so that petha chunks absorb sugar syrup nicely. 

Take out petha from the vessel and place it over a net stand. You can even sprinkle few drops of kewada essence to the petha. If you prefer eating dry petha over juicy petha, then place the petha under fan for 3 to 4 more hours as it is. 

Petha sweet is ready. Have this petha sweet now and store the rest in any container for up to a month. Take out petha from the container whenever you like and relish eating. 

Petha- It is a fruit which is whiter in color as compared to pumpkin. Unripe Petha fruit is used for making sabzi whereas ripped one is used for making sweet and murrabba. Petha sweet is famous with a name of Petha nowadays. Following is the picture for this fruit. 



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