Crispy Tacos, Burger and Sandwich Recipe - Bean Tacos, Bean Burger, Bean sandwich using Veg Mayonnaise

These three recipes are a bunch of protein and taste. It is hard to make healthy as well as, fast fo...

Spinach corn cheese sandwich Recipe

The blend of corn and spinach into a sandwich is a perfect combination for a light hunger. 

Stuffed Rava Idli Sandwich

It is a snack which can help you to end your hunger with a delightful taste. 

Cheesy Veg Kulcha Sandwich on Tawa

Kulcha Sandwich Pizza is a recipe which can be made instantly on the Tawa.

Bhakarwadi Sandwich | Tangy Sandwich Bhakarwadi

Sandwich bhakarwadis appears different, from the traditional bhakarwadis and they are very crispy.

Cheese Tomato Sandwich recipe ред Tiffin and Tea Time snack

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Pizza Sandwich Recipe

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School Tiffin-Dosa Sandwich Recipe

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Anrase Recipe

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