Cashew Brittle/Cashewnut Chikki Recipe


Cashew nut Gur(jaggery) and sugar Chikki  is made in 2 different ways. Cashew nut Chikki made from Gur is soft while the one with sugar is crunchy.

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- Ingredients for Cashew Brittle - Cashewnut Chikki

  • Cashew nuts - 250 grams 1 cup)
  • Sugar/Gur(jaggery) - 250 grams (1 cup)
  • Ghee - 2 tsp

- How to make Cashew Brittle - Cashewnut Chikki

Cut cashew nuts(1 nut into 2 halves).

Pour 1 tsp Ghee in a frying pan and heat, put sugar in Ghee and mix. Allow sugar to melt on a high/medium flame. Stir sugar continuously with a spoon so that it does not stick at the base of the pan.

Once the sugar dissolves completely, turn off the gas. Put the pieces of cashew nuts and mix well. Grease a plate or a plain surface, pour the cashew nut mixture on it, grease rolling pin with Ghee and flatten the Chikki mixture thick or thin as you wish.

Cashew Brittle Cashewnut Chikki Recipe
Mark the Chikki(with a knife) into pieces in any shape you want while its still hot, pieces can be broken in the same shapes. Once Chikki is cooled you can break it with your hands into desired shapes.

Cashew nut Chikki is ready. Fill Cashew Brittle/Cashewnut Chikki in an air-tight container and eat whenever you crave for it...



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