Raw Mango Murabba Recipe

Raw Mango Murabba Recipe

We can make various types of pickles, chutney and Murabba with unripe mangoes, these can be stored and eaten for an entire year. Right now its mango season, kids like sweet pickles and Murabbas a lot, so let us prepare Am Ka Murabba. It is best to use non fibrous, hard mangoes to make this Murabba.

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- Ingredients for Raw Mango Murabba

  • Mangoes  - 1 kg (7-8)
  • Salt - 2 tsp
  • Saffron - 1/4 tsp (if you prefer)
  • Sugar - 1kg
  • Elaichi(cardamom) - 4 to 5

- How to make Mango Preserve Aam Murabba Recipe)

Mango MurabbaWash mangoes then soak them in water for 12 hours, take out mangoes from the water and dry them.

Peel the mangoes properly, there should not be any green skin left on them. Cut peeled mangoes into big pieces. Make holes in these pieces by poking them with a fork.

Take water in a utensil enough to submerge the mangoes, add salt to water, soak the mango pieces in this water for the whole night or 12 hours.

Take out the mangoes from salt water, wash them twice then keep them in a strainer to drain remaining water.

Heat water(enough to submerge the mangoes) in a utensil, after the water comes to boil put the mango pieces in it and let them boil for 3-4 minutes. Keep mangoes in a strainer and remove all the water.

Now take a container mix the pieces of mango, saffron and sugar in it and keep aside for 2 days. Stir the contents after every 12 hours.

Sugar syrup is prepared, place this syrup along with the mango pieces to cook on the gas.After 10-15 minutes the syrup will become thick(the consistency of the syrup should be as follows :  pour 1 drop of it on a plate then place it between your thumb and index finger, when you separate your fingers a thread type substance should be seen, this is called Chashni). Turn off the gas.

Mango Murabba is ready, after it cools down peel and crush Elaichi then mix it in this Murabba.  Fill delicious Am Ka Murabba in a glass or plastic container, it stays fresh for an entire year. Whenever you want take some Murabba out and give it to the kids with parantha and have some yourself. If kept within the reach of children then you will not have to worry about making it last a year as they would eat it up like any another sweet and finish it off in days..!

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