Bajra Ki Roti Recipe

Bajra Ki Roti Recipe

Have you tried Bajra(millet) ki roti with Patori this winter? In places like Rajasthan and Braj Bajre ki roti is eaten with Urad dal and Patori. While Bajra roti's Malida is very tasty. Let us prepare Bajra ki roti today.

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Ingredients for Bajra Ki Roti 

  • Bajra flour - 500 grams
  • Salt- add to taste
  • Warm water
  • Butter/Ghee

How to make Bajra Ki Roti

Put Bajra flour in a big bowl and filter. With the help of warm water knead this flour.

Place Tawa on the gas and heat. Break off pieces from the dough enough to make 2 rotis and press with your hands to make them soft. If required, add little amounts of water and soften it. Break a piece for roti from the soft dough, make it round and expand with hands.

Apply some water on your hands. Flatten the round piece to a diameter of 4-5 inches. Place roti on the heated Tawa. Once cooked turn it over using a ladle.

If you find it difficult to expand Bajre ki roti with your hands then there is another method too. Break off a little piece from the kneaded dough, soften it, roll into a ball. Place a square polythene on the board then place the ball on it. Now cover the ball with another square polythene and press it with your hands.  Once the ball is flattened out and expands remove the polythene. Gently pick up the roti with your hand, place it on hot Tawa, turn it over after the lower side is cooked. If one side of the roti is cooked turn it with a pair of tongs. Then cook on a low flame by turning it around till both sides turn brown.

Apply Ghee on hot rotis. Urad Channa dal tastes awesome with Bajra ki roti. Serve hot, crispy Bajra ki roti with your favorite curry and savor its taste.

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