1. 23 February, 2018 08:15:25 AM mukesh lodaya

    All these recipes mention yeast . The whole Question about vegetarian bread is , is yeast Vegetarian or Not. If not waht alternate can be used ?

  2. 25 April, 2018 10:41:56 PM Pooja

    Ma'am i tried this recipe. I m making bread for the first time. After baking it the bread was hard like rock. I couldn't cut it. May i know what could be the possible reasons?

  3. 28 June, 2018 08:54:10 AM Ashok Kumar

    Tried above recipe twice in OTG at 220°C for 15-18 minutes with Dry Yeast needing activation in water, failed on both Occasion. First in 250 gms of Atta with 20 Grams Dry Yeast, forgot to Add Sugar to the Lukewarm water . The batter didn't swell much on keeping in OTG with a glass of hot water for 3 hours. Second by mistake added 2 Tbsp Sugar( instead of 1 Tsp) to warm water before adding 25 gms Yeast in 300 gms of Atta. Batter swelled to more than Double after 3 hours of keeping in OTG with a glass of hot water but looked very soft and Came Down by nearly an Inch in 10 minutes while trying to Preheat the OTG. Even after keeping at 220°C for 15 minutes did not swell. Am I using more yeast ? Please advise what to do next time to get proper swelling.

  4. 14 April, 2020 08:27:05 AM Dr Preeti Jayesh Bhatt Tiwari

    my bread dough not become in double means not pofyy

  5. 14 April, 2020 08:34:34 AM Dr Preeti Jayesh Bhatt Tiwari

    i have microwave convantion oven not OTG