1. 18 October, 2012 03:07:20 PM shailaja

    bahut he badhiya dikh rahe hay!!!

  2. 18 October, 2012 06:12:52 PM sughanda

    This recipe in EnglishKothambir vadi is prepared in various ways but people prefer eating kothambir vadi cooked in steam. Gram flour, coriander leaves and sesame seeds mixture is cooked in steam like that of dhokala and then sliced and fried. This ways kothambir vadi turns out to be more delicious.Kothimbir Vadi IngredientsGram flour - ½ cupRice flour - 2 tbspGreen coriander leaves - ½ cup (finely chopped)Sesame seeds - 1 tbspLemon juice - 1 tbspOil - 1 tbspGinger - 1 inch piece (grated) (1 tsp ginger paste)Green chilly - 1 (finely chopped)Red chilly - less then ¼ tspTurmeric powder - less then ¼ tspSalt - 1/3 tsp (as per taste)Garam masala - less then ¼ tspBaking soda - ¼ tspKothimbir Vadi PreparationFirstly add gram flour in any utensil, also add rice flour. Add little water at a time and stir until all lumps get dissolved. Add some more water and make a thick batter.Add green coriander, ginger paste, green chilly, red chilly, turmeric powder, salt, garam masala, lemon juice and 1 tbsp oil in the batter and mix. Roast sesame seeds and add in the mixture and mix all ingredients nicely. Mixture is now ready.For steaming: cook the mixture in pressure cooker. Add 2 cup water in cooker and place any net or utensil so that mixture filled utensil can be placed easily on top of it. Take any flat utensil with a diameter of 6-7 inch which can be placed in pressure cooker easily. Grease cooker with oil.Add baking soda in prepared mixture; don’t stir constantly just mix the baking soda. The moment mixture becomes puffy stop stirring. Even the mixture by banging it on the surface.Place the utensil filled with mixture in the pressure cooker and cover it with help of lid. Remove the whistle. Keep the flame to a point that water constantly keeps boiling and steam is generated. Cook mixture in steam for 15 minutes. Mixture is ready; for checking insert a knife in mixture it comes out clean. Steamed mixture for kothambir vadi is now ready.When mixture cools down completely; take out the mixture and cut into any size or shape as per your preference. Take oil in a pan and place it on flame for heating. Gently place the pieces in heated oil and fry until they turn golden brown in color. like wise fry all pieces.Piping hot and crispy kothambir vadi is ready. Serve with green coriander chutney or tomato sauce and enjoy eating.

  3. 19 October, 2012 12:05:22 PM varsha

    looking very tempting.I will definitely try.

  4. 19 October, 2012 12:21:45 PM shikha shukla

    its realy very easy to cook

  5. 19 October, 2012 01:59:20 PM Niyati

    Hello Nisha ji.kya kothimbir vadi ko idli ya khaman pot mein banaya jaa sakta hai.plz reply
    निशा: नियति, अवश्य बना सकते हैं.

  6. 19 October, 2012 05:16:08 PM mamta

    very nice recipe . i m sure it will make the effort.

  7. 23 October, 2012 03:58:57 PM priya singh

    mam aapki vajah s meri life beautyfuul ho gyi h aapne mujhe perfect house wife bna diya thanks n i love u mam
    निशा: धन्यवाद प्रिया. मेरी मेहनत सफल हुई

  8. 22 March, 2013 03:48:59 PM sunita

    its very tasty dish and easy to make. thx.

  9. 04 May, 2013 12:17:38 PM Sonali Shinde

    OMG!!! Thank you so much for all the recipes! You are awesome! You helped me so much in my kitchen! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!ALL THE BEST WISHES!!!
    निशा: सोनाली, आपको भी मेरा बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  10. 05 May, 2013 12:42:29 PM Mehrunnisa Iqbal

    I made kothimbeer wadi it was very tasty, Nisha Jee please guide me how to make Kala Khatta
    निशा: महरू
    निशा: जी हां मैं कोशिश करूंगी.

  11. 10 July, 2013 05:02:56 AM sudha pandey

    mam apki sari recipe kamal ki hoti hai .....................WOW :-)

  12. 11 July, 2013 01:27:29 AM Pooja

    Hello Nisha ji.agar kothimbir vadi ko khaman pot mein bnaye toh is paste ko khaman pot mein kitni der k liye steam krna padega.or kya baking soda ki jagah eno(fruit salt) bhi use kiya jaa skta hai kya.plzzzzzzzz rply
    निशा: पूजा, जितनी देर खमन बनाने में लगती है, उतनी ही देर इसे पकाने में लगती है. आप इसमें बेकिंग सोडा की जगह ईनो भी यूज कर सकती हैं.

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    plzzzzzzzzzzz rply

  14. 12 July, 2013 10:12:18 AM Drswati

    Kya ise microwave me bana sakte hai?
    निशा: स्वाती जी, कोथम्बीर वड़ी का जो पार्ट हमने भाप में पकाया है उसे माइक्रोवेव किया जा सकता है.

  15. 13 July, 2013 03:01:55 AM rushali

    kothibir vadi

  16. 14 July, 2013 07:49:20 PM pooja

    Hello Nisha ji.agar kothimbir vadi ko khaman pot mein bnaye toh is paste ko khaman pot mein kitni der k liye steam krna padega.or kya baking soda ki jagah eno(fruit salt) bhi use kiya jaa skta hai kya.plzzzzzzzz rply
    निशा: पूजा, खमन की तरह ही इस पेस्ट को उतनी देर पका लीजिये, बेकिंग सोडा की जगह ईनो फ्रूट साल्ट भी डाल दीजिये, आप बहुत अच्छी कोथम्बीर बना लेंगी, धन्यवाद.

  17. 16 July, 2013 02:26:09 AM Marathi Unlimited

    Hya sarv recipes baddal tumcha abhari ahe.Mi marathi Unlimited Admin (www.marathi-unlimited.in)tumcha kahi guest post amhla website karita hawyatharkat naslyas kalwaweMarathi UnlimitedDhanyawad
    निशा: आपको भी मेरा बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    nice recipes

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    so beautiful

  20. 16 February, 2014 01:44:37 AM jayshree bhawalkar

    kya kothimbir vadi micro me bana sakte hai?kaise??
    निशा: जयश्री, कोथम्बीर वड़ी का तलने वाला पार्ट छोड़कर बचा हुआ पार्ट माइक्रोवेव में बनाई जा सकता है.

  21. 06 March, 2014 05:36:19 AM Meena Savita

    Can we make sabzi of it?
    निशा: मीना, इन्हैं ग्रेवी में डाल दिया जाय तो सब्जी बनकर तैयार हो जायेगी.

  22. 07 April, 2014 05:55:25 PM Charuta

    Tried this at home yesterday night; did not take very long to make. They turned out to be yummy - crispy on the outside and soft on inside. family loved it. Thanks for the recipe.
    निशा: चारुता जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  23. 17 October, 2014 01:38:10 AM Tanuja Hande

    Dear Nishaji all your recipes methods are very easy and time consuming and ingredients used are which we used for our regular cooking very nice
    निशा: तनूजा जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    Mam aap hr easly batate ho i jst love it,, thnk u nd i love u ,ur suprb.
    निशा जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  25. 27 March, 2015 05:16:33 AM kavita

    Hi!Nisha jiI prepare kothimbir vadi 2-3 times according to your recipe, My family & I also so much like kothimbir vadi. Thank you so much. I like your so many receipe's & I prepare also. U r receipe's language is very simple & nice. thank u once again.
    निशा: कविता जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    Nishaji its very tasty

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    Hello Nishaji,

    Thank u for the lovely recipe. Chaval k atte ki jagah hum isme koi aur atta use kar sakte hain?


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    निशा: रोहिनी जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    Well described in easy language.Not so complicated. Thank you.
    निशा: अशोक जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    kya isse shalow fry kar sakte hai?
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    Thanks mam. ..nice recip
    निशा: योगिता जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    nishaji kothimbir ki jagah hum methi ki hari sabji le sakte hai
    निशा: मधुप्रिया जी, कोथम्बीर वड़ी के लिये कोथम्बीर ही लेते हैं.

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    this recipe in marathi

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    Really very delicious recipe..
    निशा: दिलीप जी, धन्यवाद.

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    Ver Nice n easy recipie
    निशा: संचिता जी, धन्यवाद.

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    निशा: वर्षा जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

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    Pl share arbi k patto ki recipeUr dishes r vry tasty mere bache bhi bhut like krte h

  39. 11 July, 2017 11:52:09 PM Jamalara

    I dont understand kothimbir isma sb pajore jsa hi h

  40. 21 August, 2017 02:24:09 AM Sneha parab

    Thank you mam, mujhe khana banana ata jarur tha lekin mere khane me itni test nhi rehti thi..lekin jabse aapke video dekh kar khana banane lagi hu..mere pati aur relatives ko mera khana bhot achha lagane laga hai...aapki dikhayi recipe se jo kothmir wadi banayi thi..mere papa ko bahot bahot achhi lagi aur unhone mujhe dobara banane ke liye kaha...thank you so much mam..aapki recipe sach me bhot simple rehti hai..mera atmvishwas ab badh raha hai ki me bhi achha khana bana sakti hu..thank you..hats off you mam
    निशा: स्नेहा जी, आपके इस स्नेह और सहयोग के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  41. 29 December, 2017 06:11:55 AM Priyanka Tiwari

    Please give the video in hindi
    निशा: प्रियंका जी, आप इस रेसिपी के नीच दिए हुए लिंक पर हिन्दी की विडियो देख सकते हैं

  42. 09 February, 2018 03:55:22 AM Priya alkari

    Nishaji agar kothimbir vadi ke liye chawal ka aata use nahi kiya to......?

  43. 23 November, 2018 03:22:10 AM Sahil Malik

    mam, kothimbir vadi ki sabji bhi banti hai kya?

    • 26 November, 2018 12:20:12 AM NishaMadhulika

      Sahil Malik , जी, सुझाव के लिए धन्यवाद मै इसे बनाने की कोशिश करूंगी.