Rajasthani Recipes
Rajasthani Recipes | Rajasthani Recipes in Hindi

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Kair Sangri Sabzi

Dessert berries and beans sabzi is prepared with too much of oil and spices and is tarty in flavor. Dessert berries (kair) are small round balls whereas dessert beans (sanghiri) is 2-3 inch long thin

Fresh Turmeric Pickle - Kachi Haldi Achar Recipe

Raw turmeric pickle is very appetizing and is full of nutrition’s as well. it is very spicy in taste, ¼ tsp pickle will bring new taste to your meals. हिन्दी में पढिये - Fresh Turmeric Pickle - Kachi

Masala Dal Bati recipe in OTG

Baati made in tandoor is very tempting but it can also be prepared in oven. If baati is stuffed with potato-peas then it gets more appetizing. Today we will make baati in oven. हिन्दी में पढिये -

Nimki Recipe

Nimki has a flavor of kalonji and is crispy like namakpaare. It has salty and spicy taste. Serve them with kasundi or green coriander chutney, in both ways you will like its special taste. हिन्दी में

Besan Halwa Recipe

Besan halwa can be prepared with numerous methods but besan halwa prepared with Rajasthani method is out of the world and has a unique taste. This halwa can be prepared instantly. You will never

Besan Bhindi Masala Recipe

There are various ways of preparing Bhindi(lady’s finger), for example: Bhindi stuffed with large/ less amount of spices, curd bhindi, crispy fried Bhindi, Aloo bhindi with besan, okra and gramflour

Besan ka Cheela Recipe - How To Make Besan Ka Cheela

Make Besan Cheela with lots of green vegetables for the breakfast. I am sure everyone will love to eat this nutritious and tasty hot served dish. If you want, you can even pack this Cheela for lunch

Mangodi Tinda Curry Recipe

Mangodi is used in various combinations,in Rajasthani Cuisine. You can make Moong Dal Mangodi with any vegetable. Combination of Tinda and Moong Dal Mangodi forms a tasty vegetable curry. Come let's

Boondi Kadhi Recipe

Pakora Kadhi is very famous, but boondi kadhi has a unique taste as every bite contains a taste of boondi dipped in kadhi. You can make fresh boondi to make boondi kadhi or can also be bought from

Stuffed Bajra Paratha Recipe

Bajra parantha is also very good in taste. You can pack Stuffed Bajra Parantha if you or any of your family member is going on a journey. We went to support the protest against Corruption in India on

Haldi ki Sabzi Recipe - Turmeric Curry Recipe

Turmeric Curry (Haldi Sabzi) is a traditional recipe of Rajasthan served in special ocassion like marriages and parties. You can find turmeric in the winters. It is yellow in colour and looks like a

Moong Dal Kadi Recipe

You obviously must be liking Besan ki Kadi, Moong Dal /Chana Dal ki Kadi has a tastes entirely different than Besan ki Kadi. So today we will prepare Moong Dal ki Kadi. - Ingredients for Moong Dal

Mangodi ki Kadi Recipe

At times we get bored eating the same vegetables and lentils then one thinks of preparing Kadi. Mangodi ki Kadhi is very tasty and takes very less time to prepare. Today we will prepare Dal Mangodi

Besan wali Arbi Recipe

Arbi (Colocasia - Taro Root) curry tastes awesome with Puris and Paranthas, be it Arbi fry or Crispy Arbi with Gramflour/Besan wali Arbi. Every Arbi dish has its own distinct taste. Do prepare this

Besan ke Gatte ka Achar/Besan Gatte Pickle

You must have definitely tried Besan ke Gatte ki sabzi, Besan ke Gatte ka Pulao. Have you prepared Besan ke Gatte ka Achaar/Pickle? So let us prepare this pickle. हिन्दी में पढिये : Besan ke Gatte ka

Lasora ka Achaar/Gunda Pickle(Glutinous Fruit Pickle)

Lasora ka Achaar/Gunda Pickle is made in two ways, one with spices and the other without any spices. The former is liked by elders while kids love the latter i.e without any spices. Everyone at my

Rajsthani Dubki Kadhi or Pani Pakodi Recipe

Dubki Kadhi or Pani Pakodi prepared from Moong dal,Urad dal or Chana dal is a very delicious dish. Dubki Kadhi is mostly made in Rajasthan and Agra. When fresh vegetables are not available then Dal

Panchratan Dal Recipe

Panchratana Dal is a specialty of Rajasthan. It is also known as Panchmesha Dal or Panchmel Dal. This Panchratana Dal is made by mixing five varieties of Dal(pulses) in equal quantity. In Panchratna

Rajasthani Patod Curry / Pitod ki Sabzi Recipe

Pitod ki Sabzi is a traditional dish made in Rajasthan, if there are no vegetables in your fridge and you still want to make something special then do prepare Rajasthani Pitod ki Sabzi. Besan(gram

Patori Besani Mirch

Patori Besani Mirch is usually prepared in Rajasthan's Chittor area. It can be used for up to 5 days from preparation. इस पोस्ट को हिन्दी में पढ़ें पटोरी बेसनी मिर्च Ingredients for Paori Besani
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