Paratha Recipe
Paratha Recipe | Paratha Recipe in Hindi

Chapati with Flax seeds - Alsi ki Roti Recipe

Flax seeds with more nutritional value, Omega 3 fatty acid, Lignan and fibre than walnuts and Almonds, can be consumed daily by mixing it in roti. हिन्दी में पढिये : Chapati with Flax seeds - Alsi ki

Methi Stuffed Paratha Recipe

Methi parantha can be prepared by kneading fresh fenugreek leaves in flour or by stuffing it in parantha. Serve piping hot Methi stuffed parantha with curd, pickle or butter in breakfast, everybody

Sindhi Koki Recipe

Sindhi koki roti is prepared with again roasting raw roti made of wheat flour and spices and is usually served in breakfast. But this roti can also be packed in lunch or carry for outings. हिन्दी में

Sweet Paratha Recipe - Sugar Paratha Recipe

Sugar stuffed parantha or sweet parantha was one of the favorites among kids. Most of us must have relished eating this sweet parantha. हिन्दी में पढिये : Sweet Paratha Recipe - Sugar Paratha Recipe

Bajra Aloo Mix Parantha Recipe

During winters everybody relish eating paranthas with millet, ragi or maize. Before winters come to end, try making tantalizing and spicy parathas with millet, potato and spices. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Besan Methi thepla recipe

Gujarati theplas are prepared with numerous styles. Try making misse theplas prepared from gram flour, wheat flour and spices. These can be packed in lunch or carry these when off for an outing.

Thalipeeth Recipe

Thalipeeth, a traditional recipe of Maharashtra, is prepared with multi grain flour, chilly-spices and fresh vegetables. Its a nutritious dish and making this is very easy. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Gajar Stuffed Paratha Recipe | Carrot Paratha Recipe

Everybody loves eating paranthas in breakfast and if these paranthas are prepared differently then flavor is enhanced. Paranthas prepared with carrots tastes very delicious. हिन्दी में पढिये : Gajar

Bedmi Paratha Recipe - Urad Dal Mix Paratha

Crusty bedmi parantha, made with fine paste of soaked urad dal kneaded in dough, are very tempting and delicious to eat. These paranthas can be packed in tiffin for everyone. हिन्दी में पढिये : Bedmi

Makki Paratha Aluwala

Everyone relish eating roti and paranthas made with maize flour and millet flour, especially during winters. If you stuff maize flour parantha with potatoes, they'll definitely taste delectable.

Sweet Corn Paratha Recipe

We get fresh sweet corn during the winter days. Sweet corn is full of vitamins and fiber. We make spicy sweet corn, sweet corn halwa, Bhutte ka khees, but we can also make parathas using sweet corn.

Bajra Lauki Thepla Recipe

Masala theplas prepared for breakfast or supper is liked by everyone. Bajra theplas prepared during this season taste delicious. These are very tempting as well as nutritious. हिन्दी में पढिये -

Gur Paratha - Jaggery Paratha

During winters gur (jaggery) provides warmness as strength to the body. Gur parantha is tempting as well as nutritious. Add almond powder in gur stuffing for more taste. Gur parantha will be loved by

Teen Parta Paratha for Kids

Parantha with three layer or folds is liked by kids a lot. The two crispy and one soft layer of parantha turn out to be very delicious. Even I have myself enjoyed eating this teen parat parantha.

Millet/Bajra Flour Masala Paratha Recipe

As the winter season is on, millet flour is available in the market. Millet is high on calcium and iron which are important for our body. Millet Parathas are obviously delicious but they also keep us

Moong Dal Masala Parantha Recipe

Finely grounded Moong dal, spices and wheat flour kneaded together help in preparing a traditional rajasthani recipe - ’Moong Dal Masala Parantha’. You can enjoy it for breakfast or dinner and will

Kerala Parotta Recipe - Kerala Paratha

Kerala parotta is similar to north India’s Laccha Paratha. The only difference is that Kerala Parottaa is made of Maida(flour) and requires more amount of kneading to prepare a very soft dough.

Dal Chawal Parantha

Dal(Pulse) Rice Parathas can be made from any pulse like Arahar, Moong, Masoor, Channa, Urad etc. If you have any left over rice or dal in your refrigerator, then you can very easily cook hot and

Papaya Paratha Recipe

We are familiar with the taste of chutney made from raw papaya. But you ca also try making paranthas from it. Paranthas made with raw papayas are very tasty and nutritious at the same point of time.

Matar Parantha/Green Peas Paratha recipe

Stuffed Paranthas taste much better than the usual paranthas. You will definitely like the unique taste of Stuffed Green Pea(Matar) Parantha. - Ingredients for Matar Parantha To prepare dough Wheat

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