1. 20 September, 2010 12:08:17 PM Sunita Dogra

    Dear Nisha,What to say ... I'm speechless. This recipe has brought back so many childhood memories. I belong to Himachal Pradesh. Every summer vacations we used to visit our grandparents. Malida (as you call it) or churma (as it is know in my region and made with makkai ki roti) was the first thing our dadi used to give to us to eat. No pizza, burger, or any exotic dish can ever be at par with this. Got so emotional reading this recipe that there are tears in my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of my dadi. Thank you also for reminding us that recipes from Indian kitchens are class apart.I'm an English editor by profession and would be glad to help you for putting up English content for your website. I know you already have an English version, but in case you need any help, please do contact me.Regards ... Sunita Dogra
    निशा: सुनीता, धन्यवाद.

  2. 28 September, 2010 01:03:08 PM kannu

    nisha jimeri naani somvar ke vrat mai ise khaya karti thi or hum bhi number lagate the apna,naani to ab nahi hai lekin aaj maine ye recipe banai to yande taja ho gai thanx

  3. 02 September, 2013 04:25:13 AM anushka

    I make it every day &my mom eat it but it have a difference i make it from aata ki roti and sabji chawal daal etc.hahahhaha...

  4. 07 September, 2013 09:23:51 PM dkgupta

    I am surprised to find item named malida of bajra in your traditional items. I am 70 years old. My grand father was very fond of this item. Now a days nobody will understand Malida.Thanks for keeping traditional items in your list.D K Gupta
    निशा:, गुप्ताजी, आपको भी मेरा बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  5. 19 April, 2014 01:46:45 AM Neeru

    hi Nisha ji, bajre ka churma is really delicious recipe. i had it in my childhoo. i live in melbourne and here is nobody to cook me churma so, so i tried to make it magar churma ka taste thoda kadwa tha. aur roti ke tukde bhi kafi mote mote bane the. what i need to do if i try it next time.thanks.
    निशा: नीरू, बाजरा का आटा यदि ज्यादा दिन रखा हो तो वह कढ़वा हो जाता है, मोटे रोटी के टुकड़े को आप मिक्सर में डालकर चला सकते हैं, एकदम बारीक हो जायेंगे.

  6. 28 December, 2014 11:20:54 PM Syed Naseer Husain

    Thanks for keeping traditional items in your list.
    निशा: सैयद जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  7. 29 December, 2014 10:20:45 PM nisha gupta

    namastay nishaji .....kya hum gud kaddukas karke daal sakte hain isme???
    निशा जी, अवश्य डाल सकते हैं.

  8. 11 December, 2015 07:23:10 AM Sunil Valmiki

    i like Churma most Haryana's healthy Athlits and kabaddi & Kusti players take Churma ..its good for healthEvery one should take Churma ...
    निशा: सुनील जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.

  9. 17 February, 2016 08:33:56 AM Rajpal jatav

    Nishajee first of all thank you for your valuable website I just saw this term malida which is not use by any recipe website I used to eat malida when my grandmother was alive but nowadays I miss malida though I know how to make it.keep it up you are really good
    निशा: राजपाल जी, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.