Horoscope English Q and A


As you use to ask and answer questions, you’ll earn Points and Awards, which appear on your user page and in your user card.

First Step ×  27
Asked first question with at least one up vote.
Appreciator ×  192
First up vote.
Voter ×  0
300 Votes
Punisher ×  0
First Down vote
voted up 25 times.
Answer voted up 10 times.
Question voted up 10 times.
Answered first question with at least one up vote.
Left 10 Comments
Offered Reward
Question voted up 20 times.
Answer voted up 100 times.
Question voted up 70 times.
Deleted own post of score 3 or higher
Question favorited by 25 users.
Question favorited by 100 users.
Created a tag used by at least 50 questions.
Deleted own post with score of -3 or lower.
Guru ×  0
First answer was accepted with at least 10 votes.
Accepted answer and voted up 40 times.
First accepted answer on your own question.
Asked a question with 10,000 views.
Asked a question with at least 2500 views
Questionator ×  3631
Asked a question with 1000 views.
First flagged post.
Answered your own question with at least 3 votes.
Answered a question more than 60 days later with at least 5 votes.
Voted 600 times and at least 25% are question votes.
Provided an answer of +20 score to a question of at least -5 score.
इस ब्लाग की फोटो सहित समस्त सामग्री कापीराइटेड है जिसका बिना लिखित अनुमति किसी भी वेबसाईट, पुस्तक, समाचार पत्र, सॉफ्टवेयर या अन्य किसी माध्यम से प्रकाशित या वितरण करना मना है.