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Dear Nisha G 


I lived in delhi,,,,once a time I eat momo 120/- plate and red spices sauce,,,bt 3 extra sauces are give me white+sweet, yellow+Orange, green colour sauses,,,was so tasty,,,bt I don't knows those sauces  are what thing any body can tell me,,what sauses???? How to prepare those sauses for momos??? Specially white sauce...plz reply ASAP....m wating....

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  • Aarti ratan
    Aarti ratan

    White sauce is prepared with maida, milk and some butter. Though don't know the mehtod for making the same :(

    Anybody who can help us with the procedure please???

    25 Jun 2015 10:03:31 PM

    • Rudrakshi Mathur
      Rudrakshi Mathur

      There is nothing so difficult here. All you need to do is just, melt the butter first and then add flour(maida) to it. Keep stirring until you get to see a froth over over. Later add milk very gradually and keep stirring and cooking until the sauce thickens. 

      Add salt and pepper(optional) as per your taste and the sauce is ready. You even add 1 or 2 pinch of sugar in here for the sweetness. Happy cooking!

      25 Jun 2015 10:07:17 PM

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