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What is Eno Salt?

NISAJI: besan ghar ka chalega bahar ka lana padega?

              and ino salt ka matlb kya hai?

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  • akshay
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Edited by: Divya on 30-Dec-13 11:37 AM
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  • Cyril Gupta

    Besan ghar ka bhi chalega. Eno is an over the counter antacid which can be bought from the medical store.

    06 Feb 2012 06:15:51 PM

  • Divya

    Eno Fuit Salt is mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate (46.4%), Citric Acid (43.6%), Sodium Carbonate (10%).

    Eno Salt  is available at general store, medical store and grocery stores in piuches and small bottles.


    You can use any besan in Besan ka Dhokla


    06 Feb 2012 06:17:04 PM

  • akshay

    thanku so much.....

    07 Feb 2012 08:40:45 PM

  • muqeeth

    yes.thank you

    30 Dec 2013 11:37:42 AM

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