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Hello, my name is Ganesh Talekar. My son is in the seventh grade and he has a project where he asks questions to a professional in culinary. He has 10 questions. Please reply back.

1. Why did you decide to become a chef?

2. What is your favorite Indian recipe?

3. Who was your inspiration to become a chef? 

4. How long has this been a passion? 

5. Has there been a recipe that you struggled to make?

6. When did you first start cooking?

7. Did you go to any cooking classes?

8. About how many recipes do you know?

9. How long are you going to continue to be a chef?

10. Are there any oher passions that you have?

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  • Ganesh Talekar

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  • Nisha Madhulika
    Nisha Madhulika

    Hello, thank you for asking these questions. I will cerianly answer them so your son can learn about me.

    1. I decided to become a chef because I just loved cooking for my family and friends. 

    2. My favorite Indian recipe is sweet paratha.

    3.My inspiration was my mom and my grandmother.

    4. This has been a passion for about 15 years.

    5. Actually, there has never been a recipe that I have struggled with.

    6. I first started cooking at the age of 14.

    7. I got my bachelor degree in culinary arts from Bangalore university. 

    8. I know more than 160 recipes. 

    9. I will continue to be a chef for about 15 years. 

    10. Cooking is my only passion. 

    04 Mar 2015 02:08:15 PM

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