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hi nisha ji

i wanna prepare panner butter masala for 40 people can you tell me ingredient for paneer butter masala that can serve 40 peple

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  • jaya

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  • Muralidharan

    For 200gms paneer

    one medium size onion

    1in ginger

    4 pcs of garlic

    1 tomato

    1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder

    1/2 tspoon of coriander powder

    1/2 tspoon red chilli powder

    1/2 cup curd

    3/4 cup milk


    For panner masala powder

    8 small cardamom

    4 cloves

    11/2 in dalchini

    2 pcs of mace

    2pcs big cardamom

    2 teaspoon coriander seed

    1 tspoon of cummins seed 

    1tspoon of fennel

    Take all the spices & grind them to a fine powder


    Take chopped onion & saute them, then add ginger garlic paste & fry for 2mins. Add turmeric poder coriander powder & red chilli powder & saute. Now add tomato & 1teaspoon of the masala we powdered. saute for a while till thtomato becomes soft. Now add curd & stir fry till the curd is completely mixed & it starts leaving oil. Please fry the paneer in butter & add it to the mix. Add required salt & also add milk. Wait till it comes to a boil & put off the gas. Your paneer butter masala is ready. 


    31 Aug 2014 09:39:14 PM

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