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hi nisha ji,   i made rasmalai with pasturized mik according  ur recipe, as we don't get fresh milk here. the result was good   but stlli l am not satisfied wat i made so if u don't mind i want to clear my problem  but i think somewhere  i m wrong so i want to explain a little bit  about it  so that  u can come to know ..  when i boiled  them, their size were enlarged   n   their  texture also  changed as it was spongy when i  pressed  to feel,  as syrup was coming out, they were soft, i put them in rasmalai;s milk   and kept  it  in fridge but next day  it was not soft then i  i kept it outside for sometime in room tempt. then  it beame little bit soft .pls nisha ji let me know  whyi it is like this so that  next time it wouln't happen .                                                                   

  i want to tell u where i had problem  whlie making rasmalai ,   when i was kneading the paneer with hands , intially it was ok then after somtime it was sticky . it was difficult to remove the dough from hand. but even then somehow i could manage to make balls n they were in good shape. 

.                                   Actually nisha ji i tried   many times to make rasmalai and everytime i was disspointed with the result but  this is the first time the result was good . i really thank u for this but  now. i want to improve this  with 100% right   so will u help me pls.

thanks again

God bless u .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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