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Ask a question how to make gulkand from rose leaves at home

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  • sharma kinjalk

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  • Neetubhatt

     It is very easy gulab ki pattiyo ko wash karo or ek pan main sugar ki chashni banne rakh do jab chashni lagbhag banne wali ho to usme gulab ki patti daal do or chashni banene tak usko chalati raho patli ek taar ki chashni banani hai .jaise hi chashni ban jayegi aapka gulkand ready hai

    05 Aug 2011 10:47:01 PM

    • Maayaa

      Espocially to 'NeetuBhatt'

      If you dont know the repie and thexact procedure to prepare any thing, then dont misguide anybody by writing any BullShit !

      the correct procedure to make perfect "GULKAND" is: With a particular Rose which is of 'light pink' colored, small petals, has a pleasant smell but does not have a very beautifull look and its nectar is open to see. It grows easily (Only if you plant a thick stem of that plant and can increase the number of plants gradually as the first plant grows big enough to give you enough roses.

      The next Thing (ie- when you start getting full grown roses, collect the their petals by cutting the petals [atleast in two parts/petal] till all the petals are removed or you can pluck the petals and then cut them. then dip the rose petals in such a clear water quantity as much as the petals level in the container in which you soak them. Leave them in the water for 2 to 3 min, shake them slowlyso that the dust , nectar etc will be  washed off, now gather the petals by your hands or a sieve and press them nicely so as most of the water is drained out, Now spread them on a cotton cloth. take a clear glass jar or a broad bottomed bottle. Dry the inside of the glass container and put a thin & even layer of sugar @ the bottom then spread a layer of rose petals over the sugar evenly, then again spread an even layer of sugar over the petals and again.... upto 3 to 4 layers. now close the container air tight and leave the container in the sunlight. you will see the change of color,  texture & consistency. repeat for 3 to 4 days and you will get a perfect blend, color, consistency with a perfect Natural fragrance of the original Gulkand, Enriched with Vitamin "D".

               Thats all Friends,

      Try it and let me know.

      THANKS !

      22 Nov 2011 11:47:05 AM

      • Mr. Kannu
        Mr. Kannu


        Please achha Gulkand banane ka tarika  kiya hai?

        Kiya aap muje mail kar sakte hai kiye?

        27 May 2012 10:15:10 AM

        • nikunj


          Gulkand banane ka tarika  kiya hai?

          Kiya aap muje mail kar sakte hai kiye?

          02 Aug 2012 09:46:15 PM

          • Meenakshi

            Dear Madam,

            Maine phale bhi v aapse pucha tha , its my request to you please............Mujhe gulab ki patiyon ka gulakand bnane ki vidhi bta dijiye.

            We are really thankful to you for this



            03 Oct 2012 03:53:29 PM

            • kushal

              can u tall me how to make gulkand ??

              gulab ki patti sukhi honi chahiye ya fresh...

              sugar or gulab ki patti ka mazor kya hona chahiye ???

              23 Dec 2012 02:04:57 PM

              • Ashok Paunikar
                Ashok Paunikar

                gulkand banane ka tarika ky hai ?

                kay aap muze mail kar sakte hai ?

                20 Mar 2013 03:27:03 PM

                • Mahesh Soni
                  Mahesh Soni

                  gulkand bnane ka easy trika kya hai?

                  kya aap mujhe mail kr skte h?

                  30 Mar 2013 12:54:16 PM

                  • Umeshwar Dayal Saxena
                    Umeshwar Dayal Saxena

                    making of gulukand at home:     Tested Method : Umeshwar Dayal Saxena

                    1, Try to collect same colour of rose flowers.

                    2,collect the roses and pluck off the petals softly.

                    3, Take a large vessel  filled in with water,

                    4, Dip the rose petals in the vessels and wash them softly so that dust and other materails washed out and settle down in the bottom. Now spread the rose leaves on cotton cloth and/or on news paper in room i.e.away from sun light for 30-40 minutes.

                    5.Take Phool ka bela or vessels, The metal is neither peetal(Brass) nor tamba, in fact it is a good quality metal and available at Bartan wala shop. This metal is a super quality metal-a mixture of brass, tamba and other in a fixed ratio and the metal is BRITTLE- which means it will turn into several pieces if you drop down it from some height.

                    6.You make purchase from Bartan shop asking him to give Phool Ka Bela--which is a three nches deep having diameter of around six inches vessel, The vessel is available in different sizes,

                    7, Now lay down a thin layer of sugar on the bottom of phool ka bela thereafter a layer of rose leaves and now 2nd layer of sugar and again rose leaves and now 3rd layer of sugar and again layer of rose leaves NS GO ON REPEATING THIS PROCESS TILL THE vessel capacity is exhausted.

                    8. Now put the phool ka bela in direct sun light and cover the vessel with a chalni and/or thin cloths like dupatta or malmal piece of cloths,

                    Bring the vessel in the room and try to mesh the matrial of the vessel with the help of a wooden chamcha/wodden karchuli, which is normally used in the house in non stick vessels.

                    On 2nd day again put the vessel in sun light and bring in room in the evening and this way repeat the process for 8 to 10 days, Further mor do not forget to mesh the material in the evening on daily basis. The Gulkand is now ready .Preserve this in a glass jar and take one spoon daily with a glass of milk.

                    Surprisingly, you will notice a rmarkabable change in your face, it's smoothness and glory. Moreso there won't be any problem related to stomach. The regular use of gulkand will be a solution to get rid of constipation,no matter how old the problem is.

                    03 Apr 2013 12:30:00 PM

                    • Manoj Lal
                      Manoj Lal

                      Thanks Maaya and Saxena Jee for telling all that Neetu Bhatt's recipe is pure crap!

                      04 Aug 2013 06:09:34 AM

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