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Chilli Paneer



I am Dinesh. I want to know that how to cook chilli paneer.

Pls tell me.

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  • Dinesh Kumar SI
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  • Rajkumar

    Yes, I too agree and request Nishaji to kindly provide the recipie of CHILLI PANEER.

    Please post this recipie of Chilli Paneer immediately.

    02 Jun 2011 01:48:29 PM


    first marinate paneer into 2 spoon flour (maida) ,1 spoon corn flour ,tomato sauce 1 tb spoon ,chilli sauce 1 tb spoon,soya sauce 1 tb spoon ,salt , ginger garlic paste ,and keep them covered for 2 hrs,

    1 ) heat the oil and deep fry marinated panner properly , 

    2) take 1 pan add little bit of oil and add green chilli ,onion deep fry ,and add the fry panner,and again add tomato sauce  ,chilli sauce , and let them cook perfactly and at the end add coriander leave and serve hot with paratha .

    03 Jun 2011 06:39:21 PM

  • abha

    first cut paneer in to thick square peices

    to prepare batter  add cornflour powder and a little maida ( maida n cornflour  or any one can b taken it should b sufficient as like the batter of pakodi is prepared) black pepper powder salt to taste and if u like u can add a little edible orange colour  n i t spoon ginger garlic paste n soya sauce now mix and make a smooth batter now merinate the paaneer for fifteen minutes n then deep fry the paneer

    now gravy time:

    take a pan put 3 table spoon refined oil add onions cut in square peices, finely chopped ginger garlic and  green chilly lambi chilly ko beech se slice kar len in 2 parts,wait for a minute  or 2 then add veggies capsicum carrot beans cabbage spring onions cut or grated as u like then wait for 3 minutes add ajinomotto soya sauce black peper powder chilli sauce 2 spoons tomato sauce 2 spoons vinegar 2 spoons salt and a spoon of noodles masla  and fried peices of panerr then add i glass of water then add cornflour powder dissolved in cold water aboout a spoon then let the gravy simmer till thick chhilli paner is rready to serve


    17 Mar 2012 07:35:40 PM

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