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mushroom recipies

nisha ji mashroom se related dishes banani sikhni hai jaise stuffed mushroom,mushroom masala etc.

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  • निशा मधुलिका

    सुझाव के लिये धन्यवाद पूजा, आगामी दिनों में मेरी यही कोशिश रहेगी.

    07 Jan 2011 07:32:08 PM

  • Sunanda

    Recipe of Baked Mushrooms

    500 grams  fresh mushrooms.
    5 table spoon ghee
    1 clove garlic
    1 onion
    1 green capsicum
    1/4 teaspoon  salt
    1 dash pepper
    2 tablespoons chopped coriender
    2 tablespoons water

    How to maker Baked Mushrooms
    Make small pieces of mushrooms, chop onion and garlic, dice capsicum.
    Preheat over to 180 degree C.  
    Toss garlic, green chilli, onion, mushroom with salt, seasoning, and coriender with 2 table spoon water.
    Place all the vegetable in a baking dish.
    Bake it in a pre-heated over for 40 mins.

    11 Jan 2011 01:13:48 AM

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