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Ask a question soya chaap recipes like afghani /tandoori chaap

Kindly post few recipes of soya chaap, which is getting very popular now a days in cities like delhi,how to make them at homes.

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  • shelly

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  • Rajender Mohan

    step 1 : prepare marination: Thick cream 200Gm,hung curd 100gm Chaanp -10-12, ginger garlic paste-2-3 tablespoon, salt- according to taste, can also mix mango poder a bit for sour taste and green chillies and coriander powder is optional.

     step 2: marinate the Chaanp: just put this marination to chaanp and after puting it in the bowl just sprinkle refined oil on top of it and leave it for atleast 2-3 Hrs.will not harm if you leave it overnight rather will make soft and delicious.

    step 3 Go Tandoori way:  just peirce skewers and put inside preheated oven ( should have been preheated at 180 degree for atleast 15-20 minutes.and heat the chaanps for atleast 15-20 minutes(this 15-20 minute duration can vary , depending on your model of oven and weather and placement of oven in which part of the kitchen kind of)

    dont go to next step if you are satisfied with chaanp as tandoori snack.

    step 4 slurp it the gravy way:

    put khada masala (whole bayleaf 2 nos, black and green cardamom3-4 each, cinnamon 1 inch stick, black pepper corn5-7 nos, cloves etc in the heated wok(kadhahi) just put 1 table spoon ginger garlic paste and fry it then put  3-4 nos. half cut,  sliced onions and fry it till it becomes golden brown then put salt and white pepper powder for spicyness you should fry this salt and white pepper for 20 seconds at sim flame once the masala is cooked add cream 200 gms along with curd 100gms and cook at low flame now this gravy is ready now you should add tandoori chaanp in it.sprinkle some green coriander and lime juice if you like.

    you can also add garam masala but that will make it a bit black shaded but will be really tasty.


    08 Jan 2013 10:57:18 PM

    • shelly

      thank you !!

      09 Jan 2013 12:13:48 PM

      • roheeth

        What if I am making it in my Microwave.. I have option to Grill in that.

        11 Jul 2013 11:44:40 PM

        • sadik

          thats a briliant recipe

          13 Jul 2013 06:14:17 AM

          • munish singla
            munish singla

            how i can make soya chaap stick at home..... please ... i wanna know this

            03 Dec 2013 05:42:49 AM

            • sonia

              Is the chaanp required to be boiled first? if yes, for how long ?

              19 Mar 2014 10:09:59 AM

              • lorraine

                what is Chaanp?

                16 Jul 2014 12:42:09 AM

                • Harpreet Singh Wadhwa
                  Harpreet Singh Wadhwa

                  Chaap (not Chaanp) is a soya based protien substitute for Vegetarians. It looks like chicken leg and if made properly then texture is also similar to that.

                  We manufacture and sell Soya Chaap and Vegetarian chicken chunks in Bangalore. Feel free to cant me on

                  14 Aug 2014 07:33:56 AM

                  • nehansh

                    Is the chaanp required to be boiled first? if yes, for how long ?

                    29 Nov 2014 06:44:50 PM

                    • jagpreet singh
                      jagpreet singh

                      arre yaar roasted to krle ge but ye batao chaap kese banegi soya bean se ??? plz mail me recipe of raw chaap    

                      08 Dec 2014 09:32:06 AM

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