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how to reduce fat

how we can reduce the weight by taking bishop weed

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  • parvindra singh
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  • ksingh

    1. First step is thought process. Tell your mind  that you want to loose weight. Repeat it daily in the morning before b'fast.

    2. Eat without any oil or ghee/ boiled subzi  can also be tasty.

    3. Eat fix amount of food and at fix intervals.Never fill up your stomach. keep it 1/4 empty.

    4. Avoid drinking water before meals ( not less than a hour)

    5. Avoid Suagry drinks like Tea , coffee and cold drinks etc

    At last most important, bring  a weighing machine and watch your weight thrice a week. loose your weight at least 1.5 kg per month.

    Slow and steady wins the race to your target.




    21 Aug 2012 08:00:10 PM

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