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Patta gobi manchurian

Hello Nishaji,

cauliflower aur cabbage manchurian same tarike se kiye jate hai ya phir dono ki recipe alag hai? Meine cabbage manchurian recipe dhundi thi par mili nehi.

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  • NishaDas
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  • Jags accepted

    Both recipes are different. For the traditional cabbage manchurina, cabbage is shredded with carrots and capsicum and then balls are made of these with cornflour mixture and deep fried. For cauliflower manchurian, cauliflower needs to be cut into small pieces( about 1-2 inches pieces), coated with the corn flour mixture and then deep fried.

    20 Aug 2012 08:50:40 PM

  • hema

    kewalcabbage se manchurian nahi banta jaisa ki jags ne bataya cabbage mein aur vegitable milakar kofte banakar fir gravy mein dalkar veg manchurian banaya jata hai.

    21 Aug 2012 02:01:13 PM

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