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why bati hard

i make bati in oven but bati is very hard why?

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  • rajni
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  • Smita

    You should add little ghee, curd in the atta while making the dough. Also, boil the batis in water and then dry them below fan for 10 minutes. Then place them in preheated oven and cook. Once brown on both sides, pull them out, break and put in ghee. We call this version of bati as baflas in MP. 

    13 Aug 2012 12:32:23 PM

  • hema

    moin ki kami se bati hard hoti hai,

    13 Aug 2012 12:43:48 PM

  • kavita

    you put gheein moion &put one pinch eno salt.

    14 Aug 2012 01:39:36 PM

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