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rasgulla related que

can baking pwd be used in pklace of araarat?????

if nt plz tell me the recipie to make it wid baking pwd.....

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  • ekta
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  • neha

    Dear Ekta baking powder is raising agent and arrowroot powder is used to bind the rasgulla baking powder is added in rasgulla but only to puff it up whereas arrowroot acts as a binder to hold its shape . So in that case baking powder is not a substitute of arrowroot. . If u can't find arrowroot powder then simply go 4  constach . cornflour can be substituted  4 arrowroot .

    Hope that was helpful 2 u .

    Good Luck in the kitchen .

    LOVE Neha :)

    23 Jul 2012 07:25:42 PM

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