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Ask a question Unable to make moong dal ladoo

Dear mam, when I add bura, mixture get melt.  I am not able to make ladoo due to melting of bura.  At this point, there is any solution to make ladoo. Please tell me.

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  • Swati

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  • aayushi

     घी अधिक होने से मिश्रण पतला हुआ है तब इसे 4-5 घंटे के लिये फ्रिज में रख दीजिये, घी जमने पर मिश्रण के लड्डू आसानी से बांधे जा सकेंगे.

    15 May 2017 07:20:55 PM

    • Reema Sethi
      Reema Sethi

      Don't add boora into hot mixture. Let it cool down a bit. 

      18 May 2017 08:11:22 PM

      • Pankaj Kapoor
        Pankaj Kapoor

        Keep the mixture into fridge for few minutes, then try to make ladoo. 

        18 May 2017 08:12:26 PM

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